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The Spider-Man secrets Tom Holland is letting slip on Instagram!


Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can... And lots more if actor Tom Holland's Instagram account is anything to go by.

The young British star is poised to become the latest incumbent of the Spidey suit in next year's reboot Spider-Man: Homecoming, and he's been teasing his seriously awesome athletic skills on Instagram during the course of the past year. We've picked out some of our favourite videos and pics that earmark him as the perfect choice for the web-slinger.

Bad-ass flips!

Judging by Tom Holland’s various mid-air back twisting, head turning, leg flying, flip videos, there’s no question that he was truly meant to be Spider-Man. His gymnastic abilities are a refreshing first for Spiderman: unlike his predecessors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, Tom is in fact capable of doing, and will be doing, most of his own stunts in the movie.

Of course stuntman Holland Diaz and coordinator George Cottle helped him achieve the flip combinations required. This will hopefully gear us up for a stunt-tastic affair, with the added satisfaction in the back of our minds that what we’re seeing is real (sort of). Not to mention Tom also casually calls out the almighty Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.

Homecoming squad goals!

It seems like the on-set dynamic is all smiles and laughter for the Homecoming cast, and they seem like a bunch that genuinely get on with one another. Aw! Nothing like a bit of solidarity and friendship off-screen to make an even more enjoyable big-screen experience.

We know that Peter Parker's high school adventures feature heavily in this reboot, as opposed to some of the typical Spider-Man storylines we've seen previously, so friendship and companionship are bound to feature heavily here.

Surprisingly, this is probably the first time in a Spider-Man movie where the young cast could convincingly pass as high-schoolers, so for once the people playing youngsters will be exactly that, making the story more fun and relatable.

The baddie: Vulture

If you didn’t already know, Tom Holland confirmed Spider-Man's Homecoming nemesis back at July's San Diego Comic-Con: The Vulture, also known as Adrian Toomes, will be played by Birdman and Spotlight star Michael Keaton (also a former Batman, lest we forget). The Vulture is a genius, known for being brilliant in electronics and mechanics and has an eye for inventions.

In this photo, his costume looks a lot more technological than the ones we’ve seen before, which may indicate he's got a few modern twists and tricks up his sleeve. But will he outsmart the Spider? Either way, Spidey plans to ‘give it to him’.

Training fitness!

Tom Holland has been working out long and hard to prepare for his role in Homecoming, punching it out with the pads and at the boxing gym, doing ‘Spider-Man push ups’ aplenty, and even undertaking what looks like an electric shock session to his upper body. Now that’s what we call commitment.

Spidey got the moves!

Once again Tom Holland shows us what he's made of, as he throws a bit of breakdancing to Daft Punk whilst wearing his motion capture suit (used to create the on-screen, CGI Spider-Man). Not only that but he’s even gone to the lengths of endorsing the idea of a dance battle with Chris Pratt’s Star Lord. That's battle we would definitely like to see.

Filming in Atlanta and Queens

Although we know that Peter Parker was born and bred in Queens, Tom has let us know that a good portion of the film has actually been shot in Atlanta, Georgia.

Whether or not the story takes a detour to Atlanta, or if it's just being set up to look like a New York location we don’t know yet. But what we do know for certain is that they filmed there. Heavy rain was a factor for Atlanta, so perhaps we can prepare to see some brooding, rainy, looking-out-of-the-window scenes at some point.

The upgraded suit!

Of course we have to talk about the suit. There’s more red, more chest-space and a smaller spider logo. We all got a sneak preview at it in Captain America: Civil War, but Holland gives us a much better look as he posts this shot, looking almost dapper in the skintight disguise.

Redesigned yet again following its last owner, Andrew Garfield, the suit takes on a more modern, subtle style, with incorporated arm straps that accentuate the muscles. Also, it’s equipped with a huge spider logo on the back to contrast with the tinier one in front. The suit seems to have adopted a tool belt or something of similar use, most likely to store his web ammo, and wrist cuffs to distribute it.

Peter's special throne!

Personalised chairs are an essential part of any film set, and only the very best will do for our new Peter Parker… right? Not quite! The scales have shifted over the course of filming as on the first day of set he has his own reasonable, standard set chair. This is then switched, for... a throne fit for a King?

In between ‘Ned’ and ‘Rick Lipton’ sits Peter’s very own toilet with his name pegged on. That’s one way to put Spider-Man back in his place.

Strike a pose!

Stand there and look mysterious in black and white with only a Spider-Man silhouette – or simply take selfie from up on high with the iconic Spidey hand. Easy! Holland has really got the Spider poses in the bag and is really rocking our world as the new Spider-Man.

Spidey the Philanthropist

It turns out that when Peter Parker isn’t out fighting the bad guys, he’s the humble hero visiting children in hospital. The Marvel team took time out from filming to visit Egleston Childrens hospital, Holland dressed for the occasion, to surprise the kids. Not just a movie hero but a nice guy as well – this is why he's destined to be a great Spider-Man.

Last day on set!

In this post Tom confirms that filming has officially wrapped, the film arriving on 7th July 2017. So make a note on your Cine planners and get ready for the web-slinger's wondrous big screen return.

Why do you think Tom Holland will be the best Spider-Man so far? Drop us a tweet @Cineworld and let us know.