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"It rhymes with Pulverine": The Wolverine/Deadpool Bromance #Wolverine


The third Wolverine film, simply and intriguingly titled Logan, is not that far away from gracing our screens and of course the epic first trailer landed last week.

All we know for certain is that Hugh Jackman is returning for one last time (cue: tears) as our favourite clawed, invincible mutant, Patrick Stewart is back as Professor X… oh, and that it's going to be the first R-rated Wolverine movie! This means that there will be a lot more violence than what we're used to! 

We’ve already seen an R-rated film in the X-Men universe this year with Deadpool, where Wolverine and the Merc with the Mouth's love/hate relationship was referenced. So here are the best on-screen and off-screen superhero bromance moments where Deadpool and Wolverine were feeling the love.

The time Ryan Reynolds hijacked the Eddie the Eagle press junkets to interview Hugh Jackman

This hilarious interview reveals Mr Reynolds' resentment towards the fact Deadpool’s first on-screen appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine sewed his mouth shut and had him shoot lasers from his eyes. Good thing 2016’s Deadpool didn't opt for this, allowing the Merc With The Mouth to (dis)grace us with his annoying, rude, crude and, quite frankly, distasteful comments – but that’s why we love him!

The bromance is questioned though when a certain Blake Lively (not to be confused with the Hollywood actress who is also married to Ryan) uses an interview question to double check that she is still meeting up with Hugh Jackman later on that day (hmmmm!).

The first time Wade Wilson’s agility is shown off in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Although the Wade Wilson/Deadpool story as seen here is practically non-existent within the standalone Deadpool narrative, this is still the perfect introduction to our favourite motormouth. With his quick wit and awesome skills with two blades, this moment demonstrates everything we know and love about Deadpool.

It's here you really get a sense that Wolverine and Wade Wilson have very different personalities. Wolverine is quiet and short tempered, while Wade is sarcastic, talkative and enjoys annoying Wolverine, as seen in this heated moment when Wolverine has to ask Wade "Do you ever shut up pal?" You can guess Wade’s reply. If the pair do ever meet in future, we hope there are some more of these funny tiffs. They do love each other really!

When Ryan had a hilarious birthday message for his buddy Hugh

It’s nice to see the BFF’s wish each other a Happy Birthday, even when Reynolds is making fun of the fact Hugh Jackman is a year older. (See the photo shared on his Instagram account below.) Like Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds knows how to wind up the effortlessly calm and cool Hugh Jackman. This is what bros are for, laughing at you to show that they care!

Ryan cracks a Hugh Jackman impression (with added Wade Wilson face)

Speaking of poking fun at each other, Ryan Reynolds uses his raw acting talent to impersonate Hugh Jackman and his charming Australian accent. What makes this video particularly funny is that Reynolds is still wearing his Wade-Wilson-after-the-mutation makeup, making it hilarious and slightly creepy. The bromance is definitely being felt here, seeing as it was Hugh Jackman who tweeted this video and drew further attention to his bestie!

When Deadpool wished he had Hugh Jackman's face

Nothing shows how much you really love your bro than wanting to have his face instead of your own. That’s what Wade Wilson does in Deadpool, by stapling a picture of the Sexiest Man Alive (2008) over his face to prevent Vanessa seeing his true self. This is one of the many times that Wolverine/Hugh Jackman is mentioned throughout Deadpool, but it's one of the funniest.

When Ryan revealed the truth behind the new Wolverine poster

A few weeks ago, Hugh Jackman revealed a new poster for his upcoming Wolverine movie, including the first reveal of its title. At first everyone was wondering who the person is whose tiny hand is holding Wolverine’s, but thankfully Mr Reynolds spilled the beans on Twitter. This is definite proof that the friendship is full of love. (Remember the tiny hand in Deadpool?)

The Happy Australia Day message

Whilst promoting his own movie Deadpool, our red-suited Merc again tries his hand at an Australian accent, but at least this time he calls his BFF a legend rather than embarrassing him like usual. This time the impression comes complete with an Australian corked hat to really capture the essence of the role he’s playing. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

When Hugh Jackman hijacked #12DaysofDeadpool to get his own back

Fed up with Ryan Reynolds making all the jokes, Hugh Jackman decided to interrupt the 12 Days of Christmas marketing for Deadpool by placing a Christmas version of the character in the first poster for Logan. Jackman proves that it’s not just Reynolds/Deadpool who can have a laugh by poking fun. Now we need them both in a new movie together!

We hope there's more bromantic love to come between Deadpool and Wolverine in the X-Men/Deadpool universe – but we're just happy that Hugh Jackman’s and Ryan Reynolds' real-life friendship mirrors the movies!

Logan is due for release March 2017. In the meantime, click here to check out our trailer breakdown.

Nadine Shambrook is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.