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10 real-life lessons we can all take from LEGO Batman!


Sure Emmett was technically the hero of The LEGO Movie, but there is no denying that Batman was the standout character. Hilarious and loveable, LEGO Batman has held a special place in our hearts since 2014, and we know we can’t be alone in this.

With The LEGO Batman Movie set to hit our screens early next year, we cannot wait to see what kind of adventures he gets himself involved in. In order to tide us over until that time, we’ve prepared a list of the 10 main life lessons that LEGO Batman taught us last time around. No doubt we’ll be able to add to these in a few months’ time!

1. You can make a song out of anything 

Who knew that darkness and absent parents were prime song-writing material? Batman sure did, and he wasn’t afraid to share his vision with the world. In fact, some might argue that this song outranks 'Everything is Awesome' to become the most memorable in The LEGO Movie! (Okay probably not, but we liked it.) Keep your fingers crossed for more of Batman’s iconic music in his solo venture! Or at the very least, a remix?

2. It's important to get your voice heard!

We’re not suggesting that you claim other people’s ideas as your own, but Batman’s enthusiasm was what led to him taking credit for Emmet’s ‘going underground’ idea. Emmet just didn’t have enough self-belief to accept that he was capable of good ideas, and so that’s where Batman took over.

In short: always show confidence in your own ideas. That way, nobody can come along and take them from you.

3. Co-ordination is important

Sure black and grey aren’t the most exciting options, but the colours aren’t the most important thing here. Having co-ordination and planning in your life makes things a lot more manageable, and can help you feel a lot more in-control. (Are we reading too much into Batman’s colour choices?)

4. Believe in yourself

… even if you are wrong. Believing what you are telling people is a key part of appearing genuine to those around you.

5. Everybody deserves to find true love

Batman and Wyldstyle were an item for the majority of The LEGO Movie, but it just wasn’t working out for them. By letting her go, Batman taught us the importance of letting people be with the right person, even at the expense of your own heart. You’re still a hero to us Batman! And who knows, he might just find the one for him very soon.

6. Friends are important

Batman may act all dark and brooding, but his contribution to Emmet’s plan proved how much being in a team with the other master builders meant to him. The team he was with at the end was a far cry from Batman’s life and goals at the beginning of the movie, and we like to think that he became a better person for it. Who wouldn’t want to be a master builder?

7. There's never a bad time for a pun!

"We’ll wing it… that’s a bat pun." Puns may leave you shaking your head in disbelief, but we like to believe that they can make many situations better. And it seems Batman feels the same. What better way to relieve a little tension than by making people laugh with a well-timed joke? Comedic Batman is definitely the best kind of Batman.

8. Honesty is the best policy

It might not always be the answer we want to hear, but being honest is always the best route to take. It might hurt for a while, but it’ll be better in the long run (we’re getting awfully deep here for a post about LEGO). Trust us. Or, more importantly, trust Batman! He always seems to know what he’s talking about.

9. Unexpected gifts can be the best kind

Pretending to abandon your friends and family in order to obtain the gift, as Batman did in search of the hyperdrive, may not be the best method to follow through with this lesson, but we can’t say we didn’t admire the effort he went through. Stealing from Han Solo – how many people do you think would go through with that? We certainly wouldn’t.

10. LEGO Batman is the best Batman

Sure the others are cool, but there’s just something different about LEGO Batman. Besides, he must be important or he wouldn’t be getting his own movie. And he definitely knows it. We love Batman’s self-confidence and puns and everything that makes him who he is. He more than deserves this movie. Wouldn’t you agree?

So there you have it! LEGO Batman truly is an inspiration for us all. Which of these moments was your favourite? Tweet us @Cineworld and be sure to check out The LEGO Batman Movie when it hits our screens on 10th February 2017.

Hannah Dixon is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.