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Everything you need to know about Da Vinci Code sequel Inferno


Production is well underway on thriller Inferno, the latest movie adaptation of a Dan Brown novel. 

2006 saw the author's controversial sensation The Da Vinci Code arrive on our screens, and in 2009 Vatican-based thriller Angels & Demons was released. Both movies featured megastar and all-round nice guy Tom Hanks as resourceful Harvard professor Robert Langdon, and he returns as the character in Inferno.

The plot this time sees Langdon plunged into a race to save the world as a scientist threatens to unleash a deadly plague. Here's everything you need to know about the movie.

So, I take it that this is the third film in the Robert Langdon franchise, and is based on the Dan Brown bestseller... 

You betcha. After 2006’s crazily successful The Da Vinci Code and 2009’s (rather more modest) Angels and Demons, Tom Hanks’ daredevil professor of religious symbology is back, this time grappling with a mystery centred around one of history’s greatest literary masterpieces, Dante’s Inferno.

So, this is the third film, yes, but Inferno isn’t the third book. 

Correct, it’s the fourth novel - Sony Pictures have mysteriously decided to pass on 2009’s The Lost Symbol, jumping instead to the most recent book in the Langdon series.

Please say Tom Hanks is still on board as Professor Langdon. 

Despite being described in the book of The Da Vinci Code as looking like "Harrison Ford in Harris tweed", it was the boyish Hanks who was cast (much to the dismay of hardcore Dan Brown fans) in the movie version, and, yes, he’s back for Inferno.

And is Ron Howard still behind the camera? 

Yes, most of the team behind the first two are back, and, despite Ron Howard initially suggesting he’d only produce the next film, he’s back in the director’s chair for the new movie. Hurrah!

Hurrah indeed. I take it it’ll be as ritzy and globe-trotting as the other films. 

Shooting began at the end of April and has already taken in such lavish locations as Florence, Venice and Istanbul. As far as we know, they’re not doing any filming in Swindon.

Pity. So who’s in it, apart from the Hankster? 

Howard has assembled an impressive cross-country cast for this one. Felicity Jones (British) is Sienna Brooks, a doctor who teams up with Langdon after he wakes up in hospital with amnesia, while Ben Foster (American) is inked in to play Bertrand Zobrist, an uber-rich scientist who comes up with a terrifying plan to deal with the world’s overpopulation. Omar Sy (French), meanwhile, is Christoph Bruder, the head of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

Sounds good. When’s it out? 

Not for a while yet. It was originally pencilled in for a December 2015 release, only it’s now been put back to October 2016!

Ah. Well, I suppose this gives me some time to actually read Dante’s Inferno. 

Yes, consider the wait time that will be well spent.

Inferno arrives in Cineworld on 14th October 2016.