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Jeff Goldblum's most unforgettable Independence Day movie moments


Cast your mind back to life-altering 1996 alien invasion blockbuster Independence Day – what was the most memorable thing about it? No doubt many of you will cite the awe-inspiring scenes of extraterrestrial destruction, but we're opting for the presence of wonderfully quirky Jeff Goldblum as scientist (and unlikely word saviour) David Levinson.

Brilliantly, Goldblum returns as David in this summer's sure-to-be-gargantuan sequel Independence Day: Resurgence, so ahead of the movie's release we thought we'd reacquaint you with why he's the unsung hero of the sci-fi series. 

1) The chess match

This is the first time we see loveably dorky David as he spars with his father Julius (Judd Hirsch). It establishes the prickly yet affectionate relationship between the two of them, one that will run throughout the entire movie, whilst also alluding to David's estranged wife and Presidential advisor Connie (Margaret Colin).

2) David figures out the signal

In this scene, Goldblum gives possibly one of the best awestruck reaction shots ever, as the first of the enormous alien spaceships soar into our atmosphere. Gazing out over the New York skyline, David realises to his horror what the aliens' plan is...

3) "Time's up..."

Rarely have so few words said so much. With the entirety of America on evacuation alert, David has found himself on Air Force One about to hightail it away from the deadly alien craft. And a quick glance at the countdown on his laptop screen confirms one thing: mankind is doomed.

4) David cracks the alien defences

In a neat (albeit utterly ludicrous) homage to HG Wells' classic novel The War of the Worlds, brainy David figures out a way to disable the shields of the alien ships, thereby setting in motion the final attack that will decide the future of humanity.

5) "Must go faster!"

Having flown into outer space with gung ho pilot Steve Hiller (Will Smith) to implant a virus in the mother ship, David then faces the ride of his life when they have to escape the craft before it explodes. Extra points if you can guess which Goldblum movie the above quote is also from. (OK, it's Jurassic Park.)

What are your favourite Goldblum movie moments? Tweet us @Cineworld with your choices. Independence Day: Resurgence is released on 24th June.