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Hotel Artemis: Unlimited customers give their verdicts


Our Unlimited cardholders have been sharing their feedback of last night's screening on Twitter and it's safe to say that Hotel Artemis would get a good rating on TripAdvisor, though perhaps not for the usual reasons...

No normal lodgings here. Hotel Artemis is a very exclusive establishment where criminals can drag themselves, bloody and bashed around, to get fixed up after their plans go awry.

Among the glowing reviews is a lot of praise for Jodie Foster's performance, with a lot of people really happy to see her as the proprietor and nurse of this strange hotel.

You can see some of the responses below, and check out the rest on Twitter.

That Bearded Guy suggests you book yourself a room at Hotel Artemis: 

"Brilliant film, superb performances by all and particularly loved Foster's and bautista's chemistry. Will definitely recommend a stay at the #HotelArtemis"

Claire Allan might not have had high hopes for the film, but was pleasantly surprised: 

"Better then I was expecting and a great cast and glad to see Jodie Foster back on the big screen and good but different crime storyline as well. Well worth going to see."

CarltheKaka had a similarly glowing review for his visit to this hotel with a difference: 

"A really enjoyable film. Great acting, surprisingly funny in parts and great to see Jodie Foster back on the big screen. Really worth seeing. Thank you for the stay! #cineworldunlimited"

Sir Daniel Mumford also appreciated the film's twist on the usual crime caper, and wonders if we might see some more guests checking in for a sequel: 

"I really enjoyed it! A different take on a crime movie, decent storyline and lots of action! Also a few other 'hotels' mentioned...maybe some possible sequels? #HotelArtemis #CineworldUnlimited"

Graham Walton praised the way that the film remained engrossing throughout: 

"Really enjoyable film that held your attention all the way through. Great to see Jodie Foster again as well."

Katie Samuel was another fan who enjoyed the chemistry between the characters, and she was pleased to see Jeff Goldblum (but who isn't?): 

"Really enjoyed it. Full of action and Jodie Foster & Dave 'I'm a Healthcare Professional' Bautista were a good pairing! The humour was spot on and good to see Jeff Goldblum back as well! Will definitely be recommending"

Cheltenham Cinematic said the film's futuristic atmosphere and environment reminded them of a sci-fi classic from the '90s: 

"#HotelArtemis was a simple premise but with interconnected characters. Watching it was almost like watching a pre-Judge Dredd world where society hasn't quite fallen apart, but is on the brink. An excellent popcorn movie."

Did you see Hotel Artemis last night? Got a hotel-related pun for us? Tweet us @Cineworld using #CineworldUnlimited to share your reviews and reactions with other cinemagoers. Hotel Artemis is released on 20th July. 

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