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Live fast, die young: the legendary stars who fell victim to the curse of 27


Fifty Shades Darker star Dakota Johnson has just turned the ripe old (OK, young) age of 27 – but did you know that this particular milestone has spelled doom for some of your favourite megastars? In fact, there was an official '27 Club' formed back in the 1970s. Here's just a sampling of people who didn't make it to 28...

Anton Yelchin

Famous for: Star Trek Beyond, Green Room

The world was left reeling earlier this year when it was announced that rising star Anton had been tragically killed in an automotive accident in his own home. Riding a crest of popularity as the Slavic-accented Chekov in the hugely successful Star Trek reboots, he already impressed in relentlessly intense 2016 thriller Green Room, horror remake Fright Night and many more. Truly it was the loss of a great talent.


Amy Winehouse

Famous for: Hits including 'Back to Black'

She wasn't a movie star but the late singer was the subject of one of 2015's greatest movies: engrossing and emotional documentary Amy. Director Asif Kapadia sensitively traced her career from its promising beginnings to its shockingly truncated end, exploring the star's personal struggles and battle with the paparazzi limelight. It was more than a fitting testament to her memory.


Jonathan Brandis

Famous for: IT, The NeverEnding Story II

Having led the on-screen fight against evil clown Pennywise in the spine-tingling adaptation of Stephen King's IT, young Brandis' career seemed destined for truly great heights. After a recurring role in TV series SeaQuest DSV and an appearance in Ang Lee's acclaimed 1999 Western Ride with the Devil, he committed suicide in 2003.


Jimi Hendrix

Famous for: Where do we begin?

This pioneering rock and roll star knew how to burn the candle at both ends, his sadly curtailed life was eventful and influential enough to alter the course of music history forever. Despite the fact that his professional career spanned only four years, with hits like 'Voodoo Child' to his name he was immediately destined for greatness. His accidental death from drug-related asphyxia in September 1970 rocked the entire world.


Jim Morrison

Famous for: Being the frontman of legendary music group The Doors

This pioneering musician, celebrated for the likes of 'Riders on the Storm', was the subject of Oliver Stone's gripping 1991 biopic in which he was played by Val Kilmer. As with so many famous faces on this list, his life was short but crammed with incident: it isn't for nothing that Rolling Stone lists him as #47 on their 100 Greatest Singers of All Time. Even so, Morrison's death in Paris is still heavily disputed, debate raging as to whether it was accidental or deliberate.


And one who (barely) made it...

Heath Ledger

Famous for: The Dark Knight, Brokeback Mountain

Died at: 28

Heath may have escaped the infamous '27 Club' but only just: in January 2008, whilst the world was eagerly awaiting his take on classic villain The Joker in The Dark Knight, it was announced the enormously talented actor had been found dead in his New York apartment. The cause: an accidental overdose of prescription meds. It was news that shocked Hollywood, a sense of sadness heightened by the posthumous Oscar granted to the actor the following year. It still hurts to think of all the great performances he could have delivered: a towering talent cut down at such a young age.


Which famous 27-year-old celebs were you sad to bid farewell to? Tweet us your choices @Cineworld.