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Why Hell or High Water's Ben Foster is an actor you love... but can't remember watching!


Scene-stealer extraordinaire Ben Foster burns up the screen in the tremendous new heist movie Hell or High Water. And if you're wondering where you've seen him before, we're here to help...


1. He's been in loads (and we mean loads) of stuff

From pistol-toting Western remake 3:10 to Yuma, in which he played villainous outlaw Charlie Prince, to vampire movie 30 Days of Night and his blistering performance as disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong in last year's The Program, Ben is a prolific actor. However he's often so good at disappearing into his roles that you could be forgiven for not placing him at first.

2. Ben's an X-Men veteran

Cue the inevitable 'that's where I've seen him' responses: in 2006, a lean Ben played winged Angel in mutant blockbuster X-Men: The Last Stand, swooping out of a skyscraper in his most memorable scene.

3. He's not averse to going method

Appropriately enough given his rogue's gallery of demented characters, Ben has often brought a level of intensity to his preparation for a role. For gritty 2006 drama Alpha Dog, in which he played a drug addict, he added glaucoma drops to his eyes for much of the shoot to dilate his pupils, making him appear to be high. He'd hide in the bushes at night and cover his eyes between takes to keep the lights from shining into them and also had to talk to director Nick Cassavetes with his eyes closed.

4. Ben has also trod the boards

Still not getting Ben's face from the movie roles we've cited? How about his sensational performance as brutish Stanley Kowalski opposite Gillian Anderson in 2014's acclaimed production of the classic A Streetcar Named Desire?

5. And he's popped up on the small screen!

OK, so you may not know him from film or stage (those of you who do, keep schtum) but Ben also had a a recurring role in 22 episodes of cult hit Six Feet Under. He played sexually confused Russell Corwin and was nominated for a Screen Actor's Guild Award.

Have you witnessed Ben's scorching performance in Hell or High Water? If not, click here to book your tickets and share your responses @Cineworld.