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Has Ridley Scott accidentally let slip some Alien sequel news?


This year, Ridley Scott follows up his 2011 monster hit Prometheus with the hotly anticipated Alien: Covenant, the second part of his planned trilogy of Alien prequels.

Whereas Prometheus was set in the same fictional universe as Alien and featured a cameo appearance by an early version of the iconic xenomorph, it was a film that was very much its own beast, telling a story of how life on Earth began. Its sequel, Alien: Covenant, looks set to be, as its title suggests, much more Alien-y, and now director Ridley Scott has been talking about how these films connect up to 1979’s Alien (which he also directed).

"There will be another one before we kind of literally and logically, clockwise, back into the original Alien," he told Fandango. He then went on to list the three films as Prometheus, Awakening and Covenant. In that order. Which suggests that the film released AFTER Covenant will take place BEFORE Covenant!

Either way, it appears we now know the name of the next Alien film – Awakening. Will either of the new films show the home planet of the aliens, we wonder? And how will the films tie in with Alien? Will the next film do “a Rogue One” and show the Nostromo setting off on its voyage? Will we get to see a twentysomething, CGI-ed Ellen Ripley? Time will tell.

In the meantime, the next exciting instalment of the Alien franchise lands at Cineworld on 12 May.

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