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#HappyBirthdayHarryPotter! 10 times Daniel Radcliffe owned the internet


Can you believe that today marks three and a bit decades since Harry Potter was born?

Yes today the internet is celebrating the iconic Harry's 37th birthday, having been born to Lily and James Potter way back on this day in 1980.

To mark the occasion, we're honouring the actor who brought him to life in the movies: Daniel Radcliffe. Here are the flat-out funniest and most memorable moments from the young star who helped bring the world of Hogwarts to life.

1) THIS ‘How to be Daniel Radcliffe’ video:

2) THIS meme:

"I've been shown that meme by a few friends, and obviously there are quite a few Harry Potter related memes and I have to say that one really made me laugh!” Radders said in 2014. “It made me enjoy my name way more than I ever have before. So obviously Daniel Radcliffe beats Daniel Boringcliffe 100% of the time."

3) The time he got dressed up as a dog:

4) When he realised he WAS Harry Potter:

5) When he got dressed up as a punk for Saturday Night Live:

6) The time he showed off his incredible rap skills:

7) When he wandered around the San Diego Comic Con dressed as Spider-Man AND NO-ONE KNEW IT WAS HIM!

8) When THIS picture appeared:

Daniel Radcliffe + smoking + dogs = internet meltdown.

9) When he told THIS story about meeting Donald Trump:

10) THIS bang-on comment (way to go, D-Rad!)

What are your favourite Daniel Radcliffe moments? Share yours @Cineworld and using #HappyBirthdayHarryPotter.