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Ford focus: Harrison's greatest moments


Harrison Ford is one of the greatest movie stars of all time. Well, he did play Han Solo and Indiana Jones. And he's delivered iconic performances in classic movies like Blade Runner and Witness.

Sadly, Harrison ain't getting any younger – the Hollywood veteran turned 73 today. Later this year, he returns to our screens in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and he got a standing ovation at the Star Wars Comic-Con panel. So join us as we say happy birthday to him and select some of his greatest moments.

1) He's not that grumpy!

He has a longstanding reputation for curmudgeonliness. But Ford's priceless reaction on this Conan O'Brien video proves Han Solo's got style. 

2) He loves magic

Case in point: this delighted reaction to a David Blaine trick. Ford's just a big kid at heart!

3) The Chewbacca feud

Who can forget this? Whilst appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel show in 2011, Ford gamely sent himself up by acting out a supposed rivalry between himself and Star Wars character Chewbacca. Don't worry, they made up.

4) Will Ferrell's impression

Ford doesn't actually appear in this video. But given Anchorman 2 star Will Ferrell's hilariously accurate impersonation of the man, you'd swear he was in the room. Only the biggest movie stars are treated to their own impressions.

5) The 'Pointing Supercut'

Whilst appearing on Conan O'Brien (again), Ford is introduced to this frankly brilliant video which cuts together all of his aggressive pointing from his various movies. Guaranteed, this is one of the very few videos in which the usually reserved actor is reduced to fits of laughter. It's something to behold.

Happy birthday Harrison! Check back next week for more celebrity birthdays.