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Happy birthday Anna Kendrick! Here are her 5 best roles


The ludicrously likeable Anna Kendrick turns 33 today, and next month appears in an altogether different kind of movie to the quirky Pitch Perfect.

A Simple Favour is a mystery thriller from director Paul Feig, best known for hit comedies like Bridesmaids, and stars Kendrick as a blogger who investigates the disappearance of her best friend (Blake Lively).

Before we bring you the trailer, we thought we'd recap Anna's five greatest roles.

Up in the Air (2009)

Made in between the Twilight saga instalments, Anna began winning the game of quirky-thrones with her supporting role in Jason Reitman’s funny, emotional exploration of life, flying and firing.

Perfectly cast alongside George Clooney’s detached hatchet man, Kendrick manages to make her quirkiness evident even whilst playing an uptight stickler. A new recruit to Clooney's downsizing team, Kendrick shuffles into the fray with a new style of firing via video-conferencing rather than in person.

See, even her work ambitions are quirky. Despite her conservative ideas of love, life and relationships, Anna maintains her peculiar manner as she puts in another effortlessly likeable performance.

50/50 (2011)

The ever-loveable Anna joins the equally loveable Joseph Gordon-Levitt to tell the true story of a young 20-something and his struggle to beat cancer, the movie deftly mixing emotional drama and surprising amounts of humour.

Once again you’d think such subject matter would disguise the actress's natural quirkiness, but she expertly proves otherwise. Here, Kendrick’s quirks take the form of Katherine McKay, a young and inexperienced PhD candidate with all the awkward atmosphere and adorably shifty mannerisms you’d expect.

Driving her suffering patient around in a trash-filled car, only Kendrick could turn this into a rapport-building moment.

End of Watch (2012)

Let's get serious for a moment. End of Watch, the story of two LAPD officers going about their daily grind, is a film full of the grim violence you'd expect from Suicide Squad director David Ayer.

Adding the queen of quirk to such proceedings would seem misguided, but instead of seeming out of place, Kendrick's vibe contrasts wonderfully with the criminal activity and bloodshed on display, providing some much needed levity for both us, the audience, and co-star Jake Gyllenhaal's macho cop.

Equally, Kendrick proves herself more than capable of the kind of emotionally dramatic moments a film like this dictates.

Pitch Perfect (2012)

We come to the role that has cemented the actress as the much-celebrated queen of quirk. Starring as the rebellious introvert Beca Mitchell, Anna’s acapella-focused, soon-to-be-trilogy is a melodic delight, thanks mostly to her offbeat central performance.

Reluctantly joining the Barden Bellas after being accosted in the shower (a great opportunity for Anna to once again demonstrate her charming awkwardness), Beca brings her talent for quirky mash-up remixes to the group and helps take them to victory.

Whether it be playing old Carter Family songs using nothing but her voice and a plastic cup, or mixing songs from every imaginable era into one big bizarre rework, Anna stands out even amongst a host of quirky characters, proving once and for all that only she deserves the crown.

Mr. Right (2015)

Though far from her best film, Anna’s role as Martha McKay in this hitman-rom-com is certainly one of her quirkiest. Often seen sporting quirky cat ears, or pretzel shaped earrings whilst conducting in quirky activities like trying to fry whipped-cream, the sugary layer of quirk poured all over Kendrick's character would most likely be too sweet on someone less charming.

Luckily for us, Anna manages to fall on the right side of eccentric, her overt quirkiness making for an endearing presence rather than one you'd like to see taken out by her hitman beau. Speaking of the actor playing said hitman, she makes for a good team with the equally offbeat Sam Rockwell.

A Simple Favour is released on 21st September – tweet us your favourite Anna Kendrick roles @Cineworld.