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Who's who in the Han Solo movie group photo


So the first official group shot from the Han Solo movie has blasted online and frankly, we're geeking out. Take a look here.

Wondering who's who at the controls of the Millennium Falcon? That's why we're here. From left to right, here's the breakdown of the actors and key creatives sending Han Solo's, erm, solo movie into hyperspace.

Left-top: Woody Harrelson

Famed for his array of chameleonic and often threatening turns in movies as diverse as the Hunger Games series, Natural Born Killers and Out of the Furnace, Oscar nominee Woody is here playing Han's mentor Garris Shrike, a figure who first surfaced in 1997 tie-in novel The Paradise Snare. Can we expect the sort of hard-drinking teacher as embodied by Woody in the Hunger Games movies?

Left-bottom: Chris Miller

One of the visionaries behind the hilariously funny and imaginative LEGO Movie, not to mention the riotously funny big screen Jump Street spin-offs, Millar has earmarked himself as one of Hollywood's finest exponents of cheekily self-referential adventures. He's back in the driving seat as director for the Han Solo movie, along with his regular cohort Phil Lord, and their irrepressible sense of fun is guaranteed to rub off on the tone of the film's script.

Mid-left top: Phoebe Waller-Bridge

British actress and playwright Phoebe has been playing games with us lately, first denying she was in the film at all before promptly turning up in this very photo. Acclaimed for her BBC3 series Fleabag, as well as her roles in Crashing, Broadchurch and Meryl Streep's Margaret Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady, Phoebe's role in the film remains a mystery. She is however rumoured to be playing a droid – watch this space.

Centre: Alden Ehrenreich

The man of the hour and the young star faced with the unenviable task of filling Harrison Ford's mighty space boots, Alden is Han Solo for a new generation.

Last year he stole the show with his utterly hilarious, clueless cowboy actor Hobie in the Coen brothers' Hollywood comedy Hail, Caesar! ("Would that it 'twere so simple") and he's also turned up in young adult fantasy Beautiful Creatures, as well as Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine. He seems to have the chops to do Han justice, but can he mimic that famously nonchalant, charming grin of Harrison's? Only time will tell.

Centre-right: Emilia Clarke

Something of a veteran of the fantasy and adventure realms with her long-running role as Daenerys in Game of Thrones (that needs little introduction, right?), not to mention her all-action role as Sarah Connor in Terminator: Genisys, we're delighted to see Emilia jetting off into space alongside the rest of the cast. Even so her role is unconfirmed at this stage – who could she be?

Top-right: Joonas Suotamo

That's right, Star Wars vet Peter Mayhew isn't playing Chewie in the movie, but then it wouldn't exactly make sense: after all, this storyline introduces us to a younger version of the iconic Wookie. Instead, the walking carpet will now be playing by Finnish basketball player Jonas, a man possessed of the requisite six foot height to do this beloved character justice. (He also doubled for the character in The Force Awakens.)

Mid-right: Phil Lord

AKA the other half of the magical Lord/Millar brand, this is a filmmaker whose irreverent sense of fourth wall-breaking fun has helped shoot both the LEGO Movie and the Jump Street movies to world-conquering success. We can't wait to see how their desire to tear up the rulebook will work when it comes to the world of Star Wars, but we're not expecting anything that's come before.

Far-right: Donald Glover

Childish Gambino. TV sensation Atlanta. An as-yet-undisclosed role in this summer's Spidey spin-off Spider-Man: Homecoming. There's nothing the insanely talented Donald can't do. Yet he's managed to find yet another niche by embodying the younger Billy Dee Williams and bringing Han Solo's best bud Lando Calrissian back to the screen. Given this takes place well before the events of the betrayal in The Empire Strikes Back, we imagine they'll be on somewhat cordial terms.

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