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This October’s Halloween movies that are bound to give you a shiver


It's not too long until the scariest night of the year, Halloween, and we all know there's nothing more fun than a good, creepy horror movie, right?

Well, horror fans, you're in luck this October as a host of spooky shockers make their way to Cineworld screens. Here are the movies guaranteed to put a tingle down those spines...

The Snowman (opens 13th October)

Fuse Norwegian author Jo Nesbo's bestselling thriller with the talents of Michael Fassbender and director Tomas Alfredson (Let the Right One In/Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), and we've potentially got a superbly creepy serial killer movie on our hands here.

Nesbo's novel features his signature character, hard-living, maverick detective Harry Hole (played in the movie by Fassbender), and focuses on Hole's battle with a mysterious serial killer who targets women and has a habit of adorning snowmen with their body parts. Eeek.

Alfredson is a master of wintry atmosphere and Fassbender's track record of tortured souls in the likes of Shame and 12 Years a Slave sets him up well here. Plus the excellent supporting cast includes Rebecca Ferguson, J.K. Simmons, Val Kilmer and Toby Jones.

The Ritual (opens 13th October)

Talking of films based on novels, here's another one that's bound to give you the creeps. Adam Nevill's bestselling 2011 thriller focuses on a group of best mates whose friendship and psyches rapidly begin fraying when hiking into a remote Scandinavian forest. What they find in there isn't pleasant to say the least...

Nevill's novel is a canny mixture of gory chiller and psychological unease with much of the tension coming from the guys themselves, all at that watershed moment in their lives whereby they might have less in common with each other than they think.

Stands to reason that the cast is made up of a collective of talented young Brit actors including Life of Pi's Rafe Spall, Downton Abbey's Robert James Collier, The Hollow Crown's Sam Troughton and Four Lions' Arsher Ali.

Happy Death Day (opens 20th October)

What if you were forced to re-live the day of your death, over and over again? That's the terrifying situation facing young Tree (La La Land actress Jessica Rothe) who faces a twisted Groundhog Day situation as she's compelled to track down her murderer's identity.

Fusing time travel with terror the movie is the latest from the ubiquitous Blumhouse horror stable, already responsible for this year's sensational Get Out. Can they repeat the same level of success again?

Jigsaw (opens 26th October)

Are you ready for yet more twisted and horrifying games? We all thought the blockbusting Saw series was done in 2010, but now the infamous Jigsaw killer is back for more torture and pain.

Even so, with Tobin Bell's psychopath having died in the original series who's the mystery figure manipulating a new group of unlucky victims in this latest round of terror? One thing's for sure, it's bound to leave nerves attaining the consistency of grated cheese.

The Shining (opens 31st October)

A Halloween treat for you, as Stanley Kubrick's masterful tale of terror returns to scare the living daylights out of us.

It doesn't matter how many times you've seen The Shining; its uniquely discombobulating atmosphere remains truly frightening 37 years after its initial release. And if you've never seen it, this is your perfect opportunity to get acquainted with one of the best horrors of all time.

Adapted from Stephen King's novel the movie stars Jack Nicholson as the struggling writer coming apart at the seams within the isolated, snowbound Overlook Hotel. Bombarding the audience with off-kilter camerawork and a chilling soundtrack, it's a movie that earns its place in the pantheon of scariest movies.

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