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Halloween: the movie costumes you need to own the night


It might be full of candy, parties and 'trick or treating', but Halloween can be a stressful time – mainly for the challenge of finding a killer costume.

While you’ll want a costume that’s up to date with the times, you won’t want to be wearing the same one as everyone else at the party. That’s why we’ve decided to remind you of some of the most iconic movie characters of 2017, as well as a couple of tips to help you achieve the desired effect...

Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman

Films: Wonder Woman and Justice League

Compulsory accessory: Lasso of truth

Not only is Wonder Woman the most iconic heroine of 2017, but she may also be one of the greatest to ever appear on the big screen. The movie's huge box office success demonstrates the character's enduring popularity, which is a welcome change from the male-dominated superhero genre.

While most parties probably won’t let you bring a sword and shield through the door, a lasso should be easy to make if you’ve some rope. There’s a lot of Wonder Woman costumes available, but a budget option is also obtainable. Just head to a charity shop to find a red corset, blue shorts, gold tape and cheap golden head bracelet.

Logan aka Wolverine

Film: Logan

Compulsory accessory: Plastic claws

Film fans were introduced to a new kind of Wolverine in 2017. Gone were his good looks, replaced by a dishevelled and bearded image. This provides a new costume for a character that has been the source of many Halloween inspirations.

Rather than simply donning a tank-top and a pair of plastic claws, you’ll be able to use your old suit jacket and a faded shirt now instead. Then add some red paint and a few cuts to your clothes and you’ll start to look like the aged X-Men.

Oh, and don’t forget to grow out your beard for that rugged look. Think of it as the warm-up for Movember.


Film: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Compulsory accessory: Lightsaber

The young Jedi apprentice is fast becoming a fan favourite in the Star Wars films, and while we’re yet to see The Last Jedi we’re confident she’s going to make an even bigger impression than before.

Best of all, though, is how easy it is to make your own Rey costume. You’ll just need to wrap yourself with some dirty-brown robes, as well winding similar fabric around the length of your arms. Then a brown belt and brown boots will compete the effect.

And don’t forget to tie your back into triple buns, as otherwise you might just look like a stylish mummy.

Peter Parker aka Spider-Man

Film: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Compulsory accessory: Can of silly string

Marvel has dominated the last few Halloweens with Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk the first choice for many fancy dress goers. Spider-Man used to be just as popular, perhaps even more so, but his popularity has faded slightly – until now.

Having finally been introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe you can bet that Spider-Man will once again be the choice of many trick-or-treater. The only issue… unless you’re willing to fork out money on an official costume it may be a little tricky to make yourself.

However, in Homecoming we saw Parker don some goggles, a red balaclava, a blue fleece and a red sleeveless jacket once his costume was taken away by Tony Stark. That should be easier to make.


Film: Thor: Ragnarok

Compulsory accessory: Antler-esque headpiece

Many of us might like to dress up as heroes for Halloween, but truthfully, this is the season of villains and monsters.

One of the most stylish villains of 2017 is most definitely Thor’s Hela. With long jet-black hair, a black dress and a flowing dark green cape, you’ll certainly be the focus of any party when dressed as Hela.

If you’re able to recreate that wonderfully bizarre headpiece too, then you’ll look utterly terrifying. Just remember, you’ll be the goddess of death, so perhaps try and avoid drinking bright pink cocktails?

Captain Jack Sparrow

Film: Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge

Compulsory accessory: Bottle of rum

Has there been another movie character more sought-after in terms of costume than Captain Jack Sparrow? Other than Dracula or Frankenstein’s monster, we’re really not sure.

Still with 2017 hosting a new Pirates of the Caribbean, there’s yet another reason to grab that pirate’s hat from the closet. Of course, you’ll also need a red bandana and dreadlocks in your hair (or get a wig if your hair’s too short). Then an oversized white shirt and a brown waistcoat will make you look like a proper pirate. Although, you’ll also need that drunk Johnny Depp swagger and slurred accent for a convincing portrayal.


Film: Beauty and the Beast

Compulsory accessory: A teapot with googly eyes

Everyone’s favourite Disney princess (sorry Ariel) has always been a fantastic character to dress up as for fancy dress parties.

Not only could girls wear a blue and white dress, as well as a blue ribbon, for the classic Belle look, but they also had the option to wear a luxurious yellow dress.

Shopping around for such clothing is likely to be difficult, but it be worth it the end. Want something more to convince everyone that you’re Belle? Perhaps find yourself a particularly hairy date.


Film: IT

Compulsory accessory: Red balloon

There’s no doubt about it, almost everyone will be dressing up as a clown this Halloween. That may be off-putting for those of you looking for a more unique costume, but the great thing about Pennywise is you don’t need to do the creepy clown by the book.

As long as you paint your entire head white and add a little bit of black and red facepaint, then you essentially have free reign on every other detail. Just remember to be creepy as hell, and master that deranged laugh.

What movie characters will you be transforming into this Halloween? Let us know @Cineworld – and sweet dreams!

Ryan Jones is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.

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