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This week's roundup of your essential Guardians Vol. 2 news


In the run-up to April's release of Guardians Vol. 2, we struggling to contain our excitement, or indeed all the breaking news that's emerging about Marvel's rocking sequel. So we've rounded up all the must-read content right here for your enjoyment.

Baby Groot steals the latest trailer

It kind of goes without saying by now that the little guy has charmed his way into everyone's hearts. Heck, he did that dancing along to the Jackson 5 right at the very end of the first movie. But whilst he's adorably cute Baby Groot is packing bravery well, as seen in this new teaser where he's riding the shoulders of loyal pal Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper).

James Gunn teases post-credits scene...

As has been reinforced by the recent Kong: Skull Island the appetite for post-credits stingers isn't going anywhere. After all, it was Marvel that popularised the trend, and it sounds as if Guardians Vol. 2 is refusing to let the side down. (Its predecessor offered a fleeting glimpse of the notorious Howard the Duck, let's not forget.)

When asked on Twitter if there would be mid and post-credit scenes in the upcoming sequel, Gunn replied: "All I'll say is, unless you have to rush out because your mother is dying, stay through the entire end credits."

Michael Rooker's Oscar

The veteran character actor returns as blue-skinned bounty hunter Yondu, still in pursuit of Star Lord (Chris Pratt). And James Gunn has nothing but raves.

"What will surprise them the most is that the emotion in the film," Den of Geek reports him as saying. "It’s a far more powerfully emotional film than the first film. I think they’re going to be surprised by Michael Rooker’s performance, who deserves an Academy Award nomination -- no joke -- for his role as Yondu."

Could this movie buck the trend and – whisper it – be the first superhero movie in a long time to garner Oscar attention?

Where does Guardians Vol. 2 rank on your must-watch list for 2017? Let us know @Cineworld.