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Why the Guardians of the Galaxy are a bigger marvel than the Avengers


The Avengers may be the standout team of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but there’s another group of heroes that are significantly more entertaining. The Guardians of the Galaxy are out of this world, and while they stole our hearts and tickled our funny bone in the first film, we believe they’ll be bigger and better in the sequel. But are the likes of Star-Lord and Drax really better than Iron Man and Thor? Yes, and here’s why...

Their chemistry

The Guardians' greatest strength is their chemistry. The "I have a plan" scene is the best example of this, as they provide both laughs and teary eyes by arguing about their current predicament. All of the characters show their strengths, from Rocket’s sarcastic comments to Groot’s perfectly timed one-liners.

No character has an ego large enough to dominate the screen, unlike a certain genius billionaire playboy philanthropist. They’re a team of equals rather than a bunch of heroes competing for screen time. Of course, the Avengers have had their moments, particularly the exchanges between Captain America and Iron Man, but the Guardians can make any conversation hysterical, whether they’re hatching a plan to escape from prison or discussing the art of dancing.

They don't need superpowers!

As much as we like super strength and robot suits, it can get a bit tedious when their solution to everything is repeatedly punching something or firing a few homing missiles. Aside from Groot, the Guardians don’t really have any superpowers. Rocket’s handy with a gun and Gamora’s dexterity puts Black Widow’s to shame, but despite being a raccoon and a green alien, respectively, they still manage to feel very human.

Plus, everyone likes an underdog, and the Guardians are always risking their lives when heading into a fight. For this reason, you could say that they’re even more courageous than Captain America.

They're a bunch of loveable losers

The Guardians are losers. Not our words, but Peter Quill’s. By that, he means that each member of the team have lost something. Drax’s family were murdered and Quill was abducted from aliens when his mother passed away. Their tragic backstories make them relatable, which makes them all-the-more likeable.

The Avengers initiative on the on the other hand is made up of Gods, super soldiers and billionaires. So unless you are ridiculously rich or a character from Norse mythology, we understand what it means to be a loser.

They're hilarious

The key ingredients for a Marvel film are comedy and action. Every film within this superhero universe will make you chuckle at least once, even the (relatively) more serious Captain America films. However, no other Marvel film masters the art of comedy better than Guardians of the Galaxy.

Each of the characters have their own quirks that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. Drax’s inability to understand metaphors and Star-Lord’s charisma were frequent sources of entertainment, as long with many other catchphrases and one-liners. With this year's Civil War having cranked up the tension and made the Marvel Universe slightly darker, it’s refreshing to have a lighter tone. After all, we all love a good laugh.

They exist outside the law

The Guardians of the Galaxy don’t exactly have clean records. Rocket and Groot are bounty hunters, Quill is smuggler and Gamora in the first movie was working for the super villain Thanos. Plus, they all ended up in prison during the film.

In comparison it’s hard to think of any Avenger that has served time in jail (aside from Ant-Man). But isn’t being a law abiding citizen a good thing? Yes, of course. We don’t want axe wielding maniacs and burglars roaming the streets, but at the same time, it’s a bit of a drag listening to Captain America’s ramblings about morality and justice.

Peter Quill’s approach is a more entertaining watch, from literally giving the authorities the middle finger to sending the galactic police a message about his genitals. And when you consider that many of the authorities back on Earth have been infiltrated by Hydra, it’s not a bad idea to put faith in our outer-space anti-heroes.

They are Groot!

Yes, the Guardians are funny, courageous and relatable, but that would mean nothing if they weren’t so good together on screen. While the Avengers have great chemistry, you wouldn’t exactly call them the best of friends after the events of Civil War. The Avengers are united by justice and duty, while there’s nothing holding the Guardians together aside from friendship.

This is shown clearly on screen. Even when they’re arguing, you can tell that they care a great deal for each other. Quill risked his life to save Gamora, while Rocket shed a tear or two when he thought his best buddy Groot had died. Could you say the same about Iron Man and Cap's relationship?

Baby Groot

The biggest thing that sets the Guardians apart from the Avengers is a certain member of the team: Groot. In the first film, despite only being able to say "I am Groot", and exclusively in that order, Groot was incredibly entertaining. He might be made out of wood, but he still managed to show heart.

But for the sequel, in his smaller form, Baby Groot looks to be even better. He’s small and adorable, yet he’s still a formidable opponent, being the only Guardian with superpowers. Baby Groot is already getting a lot of attention, which is no surprise considering he was the main focus of the recent trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

Check out the latest Guardians Vol. 2 trailer below. The movie is released on 28th April 2017.

Ryan Jones is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.