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It's Groundhog Day so you need to watch this supercut of the classic Bill Murray movie


Feel like you've relived this particular day before? Well that might not be altogether surprising as 2nd February famously marks Groundhog Day, immortalised in the classic 1993 Bill Murray comedy where has to revisit the same awful day over and over again. And this year, the movie turns 25 years old.

YouTuber Neil Fennell created this epically geeky and epically awesome supercut, one that cuts together all 37 versions of the ill-fated day as suffered by Murray's superbly acidic weatherman, Phil. It's 30 minutes of brilliance that will help you look at one of the all-time-greatest movie comedies in a whole new light.

What do you make of that? Let us know @Cineworld. And happy Groundhog Day!