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The greatest Unlimited screenings of 2016


It's been an amazing year for members of the Unlimited club: 12 months of advance screenings of the best films on offer. So we're bidding farewell to 2016 with a salute to some of our favourite Unlimited screenings of the year, plus what viewers thought of them.

The Revenant

Released: January

The movie: Destined to be remembered as the one that got Leo his first Oscar, this brutal, fictionalised account of real-life fur trapper Hugh Glass became infamous for its difficult outdoor shoot, one that took place amidst frigid, snow-blasted wastes. But director Alejandro G. Inarritu's persistence paid off with one of the year's biggest critical hits.

What you said:

@cineworld #TheRevenant was superb, amazing and stunning. Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy were terrific and both #Oscarworthy performances

— Sammie (@kaisersgirl76) January 14, 2016


Released: January

The movie: Complementing Leo's Best Actor win was Brie Larson's deserved Best Actress triumph in this superb drama. Sensitively adapted by Emma Donoghue from her own novel and brilliantly directed by Lenny Abrahamson, it perfects the near-impossible task of pulling us into a young child's point-of-view without ever seeming patronising or fake.

What you said:

@cineworld Finished watching Room. Sad. Intense. Beautiful. Captivating. Breathtaking. 5 stars out of 5. Must see!! #UnlimitedScreening

— ♥♫Lucy Wright♫♥ (@LucyWright1029) January 11, 2016


Released: January

The movie: Who would have thought that the start of 2016 would bring us the greatest Rocky movie since the 1976 original? Director Ryan Coogler brings everything back down to Earth, dials back on the self-conscious referencing and finally gets Sly Stallone to act his age, eliciting an Oscar nomination in the process. Plus, in the role of the eponymous Adonis 'Creed' Johnson, Michael B. Jordan is a two-fisted blast of charismatic energy.

What you said:

#creed was superb last night at the #unlimitedscreening Stallone turned in his best performance!! Fantastic film!! @cineworld

— Jon Steele-Mills (@thepump74) January 8, 2016

Eddie the Eagle

Released: March

The movie: Britain's most unlikely sporting hero, the 1980s ski-jumper who took the world by storm, provided the backbone for director Dexter Fletcher's inspiring underdog story, one that flies high off the back of Kingsman star Taron Egerton's performance as Eddie. With the latter enjoying superb chemistry with Hugh Jackman as gruff trainer Jackson Peary, it was a homegrown gem.

What you said:

enjoyed Eddie The Eagle #UnlimitedScreening lovely feel good sports underdog movie. & lovely snowy mountain slopes too. & Hugh Jackman. 

— Kimmi G. (@kopijunkie) March 15, 2016


Released: March

The movie: Disney did it again with this slyly subversive adventure, a candy-coloured story of a mammal-filled utopia that conceals dark undercurrents. Resplendent in the humour, bright visuals and memorable characters that we've come to expect, its subtly powerful message of solidarity and outsiderness really struck a chord with older viewers, and younger ones will surely grow into it in the coming years.

What you said:

Wow Zootropolis was great.Funny, emotional with real world problems and a great message. Let's all get along! #UnlimitedScreening @cineworld

— Awath (@mohmade7) March 13, 2016

Sing Street

Released: May

The movie: Once and Begin Again director John Carney's gloriously nostalgic, funny and bittersweet eighties tale strums along to a superb soundtrack of hits as 16-year-old aspiring musician Conor (played by the terrific Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) attempts to seduce Raphina (Lucy Boynton) by forming a band. With beautiful support from Jack Reynor and several showstopping numbers, it's one of the year's feel-good treats.

What you said:

@cineworld Magnificent stuff. This year's Pride, feel-good Indie fare that was blistering from start to finish. One of the year's best!

— Ryan Monty (@RMonty721) May 10, 2016

Hell or High Water

Released: September

The movie: Scottish director David McKenzie teamed with Sicario screenwriter Taylor Sheridan to blow us all away with this dust-swept neo-Western, one that brings the old cowboy cliches roaring into the 21st century with a tale of outlaw brothers getting vengeance on the greedy banks that now plague their Texas landscape. As juicy and salty as beef jerky with outstanding performances from Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine and Ben Foster, it's a superb achievement.

What you said:

@cineworld just got out of hell or high water and if I had to describe the movie in one word it's "unique." Best film of 2016 so far

— Damian Manny Pickett (@DamianPickett_) September 6, 2016


Released: November

The movie: Appropriately enough, director Denis Villeneuve's stately, engrossing and atmospheric drama arrived out of nowhere to remind us of the power of intelligent science fiction, one that takes as its basis the importance of communication, the malleability of time and the vast insignificance of the human condition amidst the cosmos. And in the central form of Amy Adams, it has one of the year's truly great performances.

What you said:

@cineworld Amazing. Instead of a huge action packed climax we got something beautiful, poignant and thought provoking. I was blown away

— Lee Boardman (@lee_boardman) November 8, 2016


Released: December

The movie: Bookending the year was another Disney smash-hit, an enchantingly and vibrantly animated Polynesian adventure in which our title character is most certainly not a princess in search of a prince to save her. Instead, the endearing and resourceful Moana is a terrifically modern creation, one who is more than the equal of scene-stealing, tattooed demi-god sidekick Maui (Dwayne Johnson).

What you said:


Released: January 2017

The movie: An Oscar-buzzed awards favourite to lead us into the new year, this moving drama features an outstanding Dev Patel as an adopted young man searching for his birth mother in India.

What you said: 

That's just a small sampling of the epic Unlimited journey we've taken you guys on this year - so what does 2017 have to offer?

Well, we're kicking things off on 5th January with Ben Affleck's stylish and violent period gangster thriller Live By Night.

Then on 8th January, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone light up the screen in delightful musical drama La La Land.

And on 9th January, Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams wrench the heart in awards favourite Manchester by the Sea.

Has there been a better time to be part of the Unlimited club? We think not. Tell us what your Unlimited highlights of 2016 have been @Cineworld and using #CineworldUnlimited.