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The 28 greatest movie moments of 2016


From superhero blockbusters to creepy horror, wide-eyed family entertainment to emotional drama: this year had it all. Welcome to our selection of the greatest, most unforgettable movie scenes of 2016.


The bear attack - The Revenant

Jack escapes - Room

"They let it happen!" - Spotlight

Opening credits - Deadpool

Judy arrives in the city - Zootropolis

Caleb's possession - The Witch

Anyone for dog? - High-Rise

'No Dames' - Hail, Caesar!

"Don't let her in!" - 10 Cloverfield Lane

'The Bare Necessities' - The Jungle Book

Team Cap v. Team Iron Man - Captain America: Civil War

"Take the gun!" - Green Room

'Rapper's Delight' - Everybody Wants Some!!

'Drive It Like You Stole It' - Sing Street

Elevator tumble - The Nice Guys

'Sabotage' - Star Trek Beyond

A giant in Buckingham Palace - The BFG

Baby Dory - Finding Dory

Elliot emerges - Pete's Dragon

The wave hits - The Wave

Meeting Psycho Sam - Hunt for the Wilderpeople

"What don't you want?" - Hell or High Water

Something's in the house - Under the Shadow

Out of body experience - Doctor Strange

A proper introduction - Arrival

Inside Newt's suitcase - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

"You're Welcome" - Moana

Enter Lord Vader - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

What were your favourite movie scenes from 2016? Tweet us your suggestions @Cineworld.