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Go behind the scenes of The Nun and explore the chilling history of the Conjuring timeline


Another dark corner of the Conjuring universe comes to light in this September's terrifying horror release The Nun.

We've already had two Conjuring movies and two Annabelle movies, all of which have leapt back and forward in time as we've leapt out of our skins. Now, the story ventures back even further to the 1950s and a Romanian edifice that conceals the most hideous demon so far.

Director Corin Hardy brings us the story of Valak, the demonic nun who first appeared as a disquieting painting in The Conjuring 2. The story begins when young Sister Irene (Tarissa Farmiga) accompanies Father Burke (Demian Bichir) to a remote monastery to investigate a mysterious suicide. What they discover will test their faith unlike anything before.

If you need to brush up on your Conjuring universe knowledge, check out the following video to discover exactly where The Nun fits in.

Are you brave enough to watch The Nun? The movie is out on 6th September so let us know @Cineworld.