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5 reasons why Ghostbusters is your perfect 'Wednesdate'!


Welcome to your latest edition of the Cineworld 'Wednesdate' in which we run down your perfect date night movie. This week, it's Paul Feig's riotously funny Ghostbusters reboot starring the dream team of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.

1. It's a nostalgia fest

Did you both grow up with the classic original Ghostbusters, forever quoting 'cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria'? Then the reboot is the ideal bonding experience for the both of you, bringing you closer together in the spirit of one of your favourite movies.

2. Spot the cameo!

Let's see who wins this little game: as you're watching, try and anticipate which of the original Ghostbusters cast will turn up and where. The winner gets... respect.

3. Prepare to be scared!

Like the 1984 movie, Paul Feig's Ghostbusters has its fair share of spooky and jumpy moments. Yes, it is a comedy – and a hilarious one at that – but it's not short of moments that occasionally will have you leaping into one another's arms. In other words, it's the ideal date experience.

4. Enjoy the spectacle

The time for staying in binge-watching that boxset is over. Get down to your Cineworld and revel in the big screen experience as a host of phantoms invade Times Square during the amazing, effects-packed climax.

5. It's a good time at the movies

Are you both looking for an escape from the ordinary? Then make a night of it, book your tickets for Ghostbusters and savour the enjoyment of an incredible cast at the top of their comedy game.

Will you be making Ghostbusters your 'Wednesdate' movie? Then click here to book your tickets and let us know @Cineworld.