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This week's need-to-know Ghost in the Shell news


We're just three weeks away from kick-ass new Scarlett Johansson movie Ghost in the Shell. To get you ready for the Major's arrival, here's a round-up of the breaking news from the world of the movie.

TV spots teases new footage

From The Major's cyborg mechanics to fresh glimpses at the story's nightmarish future Japan setting, these promise an eye-popping and violent dystopian extravaganza. They also tie into the central thesis of both the movie and the manga source on which it's based: that of the dividing line between human and machine.

Music upgrade!

DJ and electro-house musician Steve Aoki has put his own distinctive spin on the iconic theme from the original Ghost in the Shell, composed by Kenji Kawai. Controversial? Take a listen and judge for yourselves.

Suit up!

The skintight suit sported by Johansson in the movie has already generated its fair share of attention. Discover how special effects geniuses WETA brought it to life in the following video, courtesy of Adam Savage and his YouTube channel. Tested.

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