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5 jaw-dropping moments from the Get Out trailer that everyone is talking about


Think you know horror? Well think again because the creepy and brilliantly bizarre new trailer for Get Out has arrived to break the internet.

Sicario actor Daniel Kaluuya stars in this creepy story that marks a collaboration between the makers of Insidious and YouTube sensation Jordan Peele (who directs and co-produces). Check out our trailer breakdown for the five moments that made us go: WTF? (In a good way.)

1. Meet the parents

The first indicator that this isn't going to be your standard horror movie? Well for starters it looks to have quite a powerful social edge as young black guy Chris (Kaluuya) agonises over the imminent meeting with his white girlfriend's parents.

His partner Rose (Allison Williams) says there's nothing to worry about – but surely a deer smashing into the front of their car has got to be a bad omen? Either that or the hostile policeman wanting to see Chris' licence when he wasn't even driving should set alarm bells ringing. Yep, something's going on and we're very intrigued.

2. Hired help

The racial subtext kicks up a gear when Chris is finally introduced to the vaguely sinister duo of Dean (Bradley Whitford, The Cabin in the Woods) and Missy (Catherine Keener, Being John Malkovich). Why does their decision to keep on a black man and woman as hired help feel so out-of-place? Maybe it's because there don't appear to be many others in this eerily self-contained, largely white community. Could that be related to the fact that several black people seem to have mysteriously disappeared from the area?

3. Barbeque breakdown

Imagine Chris' surprise when he spots a black face at a local gathering. But that decision to snap a photo of said person? It leads to a seriously weird and scary reaction that makes us suspect something really bad is going on behind the curtains and white picket fences... Is there a racist conspiracy at work, or something possibly supernatural? Either way, it's leading to one of the creepiest and flat-out weirdest trailers we've seen in a long time.

4. Under hypnosis

As you'd expect from the makers of Insidious the trailer eventually develops into something altogether more otherwordly, when Missy hypnotises Chris and opens our eyes to a whole host of nightmarish, terrifying imagery. We're not sure why but the shot of the child sinking into the bed is the one that really creeps us out – maybe a touch of A Nightmare on Elm Street? And the whole hypnosis thing raises more questions than it answers. Why is Missy doing it? Why does Chris appear tied to a chair? And why do people appear to be prepping him for some kind of surgery?

5. "Too many white people..."

That's what Chris thinks about his girlfriend's possibly murderous community – but hired help Georgina doesn't seem to agree. In fact, she doesn't appear to be tethered to any form of reality, repeating 'No, no, no...' with a creepy smile on her face, before we're treated to another nightmarish onslaught of horrific images teasing at the movie's racially charged storyline.

A horror movie for our divided 21st century world? You'd better believe it.

Right, hopefully we've got your attention so now it's time to watch the Get Out trailer for yourselves – if you dare. Don't forget to tweet your responses @Cineworld and using #GetOut.