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How a comedy star became Hollywood’s new golden boy #GetOut


Arriving on 17th March, Get Out is quite unlike any horror movie in recent years: a terrifying yet satirical look at a black man's visit to his white girlfriend's family estate, and the secrets lurking beneath.

With its hot young cast and topical message it's must-see horror, and there's also a hotbed of talent behind the camera. The movie marks the latest movie from comedy sensation Jordan Peele of Key & Peele fame – and it's been an exciting, memorable journey to get us to this point...

The early years...

Born in New York in 1979, Peele actually made his name on both sides of the Atlantic, performing in comedy clubs in Amsterdam and Chicago. A gifted mimic able to take on the likes of Morgan Freeman and Forrest Whitaker, he also became famous for a character named 'Danish Supermodel Ute'.

Peele meets Key...

Having joined American sketch show Madtv in 2003 Peele was to meet his eventual partner in crime, one who would help catapult him to unprecedented levels of success. Keegan-Michael Key, a fellow writer and comedian, was paired with the former after they demonstrated their brilliant chemistry together. 

Next stop: Comedy Central!

The partnership was further cemented when the Key & Peele show began airing in 2012, running until 2015. Winner of multiple Emmys it caused a veritable sensation – check out their famous 'Substitute Teacher' sketch below.

The first movie...

What happens when you fuse the Key & Peele brand with the needs of an action comedy and an adorably cute kitty? The answer is Keanu, released in 2015 to critical and box office success.

Epic Rap Battles!

Not just an enviably talented director and comic, Peele can also rap in character as Martin Luther King Jr against Key as Mahatma Ghandi. And that's just round one: round two sees the former as Muhammad Ali and the latter as Michael Jordan. Take a looksie below.

Get Out...

Given he's carved out a comedy career playing on our perception of stereotypes, Peele now contorts that observational intelligence into something far creepier. Get Out delves into the racial tension lurking behind the archetypal, white picket fence image of suburban America, mining its material for both laughs and serious frights.

It's the next step in a career that is surely about to ascend to new heights. With $46m in the bank against a $4.5m budget and adulatory reviews (it currently stands at 99% on Rotten Tomatoes), the world is clearly hungry for more Peele.

Get Out is released on 17th March. Planning to see it? Let us know @Cineworld.