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Discover how Gemini Man is pioneering 3D+ technology


Will Smith confronts a younger clone of himself in Ang Lee action-thriller Gemini Man, on release from this Friday.

The movie deploys cutting-edge CGI technology to render the youthful version of Smith's character, known as Junior. This means we have an intriguing generational clash within the space of a single shot, as the variously older and younger hitmen go to war with one another.

Spanning the globe from Cartagena to Budapest, Gemini Man unfolds on a grand scale with several thunderous shoot-out and chase sequences. The film demands to be seen on the biggest screen possible – the boundary-pushing Lee (Brokeback Mountain; Life of Pi) has designed the movie for ultra-HD, 4K resolution, which gives the visual aesthetic a hyper-real quality.

In combination with the high-definition frame rate, Gemini Man also showcases 3D+, which is designed to further immerse viewers in the world of the movie. By shooting in this format, the movie, in the words of its makers, takes in "135 times more data" than the standard 24 fps approach, reducing motion blur and accentuating detail that may otherwise be lost.

Go behind the scenes of the movie with Lee and the effects artists in the following video.

Like the look of that? Then click here to book your tickets for Gemini Man, opening in Cineworld cinemas this Friday. Let us know @Cineworld if you're planning to watch the movie in 3D+.