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Frozen 2: what do we know so far about our journey beyond Arendelle?


The anthemic 'Let it Go,' Elsa the iconic Snow Queen and Olaf the adorable Snowman – all of that crashed into the pop culture canon in 2013, announcing the arrival of the animated, musical phenomenon known as Frozen.

Chances are, if you have never heard of it, you must have been hiding under a rock troll this whole time. And it was only a matter of time before a sequel to Disney’s super-smash hit landed – interestingly, this November’s Frozen 2 incorporates elements of an origin story as well as propelling the action forward.

The sequel sees our gang of heroes venture beyond the kingdom of Arendelle in search of a land that's locked in perpetual autumn. Here, they hope to discover the source of Elsa’s Ice Magic as well as the key to saving their home. Here’s everything we know so far.

Who are the voice cast in Frozen 2?

Following the events of the first film, was the door open for our heroes to return? Absolutely.

Kristen Bell (The Good Place) warms up her vocals again for the role of Anna, with Idina Menzel once again hitting the high notes as Elsa. Jonathan Groff (Mindhunter) is back in Sven’s saddle as Kristoff and Josh Gad is returning to melt our hearts as Olaf. It’s not all good news though: Santino Fontana returns as the love-rat, Hans. Boo, hiss!

Who are the new characters in Frozen 2?

New voices include Westworld’s Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown (Black Panther) in as-yet-unknown roles. Having said that, co-director Jennifer Lee has answered fan questions around the possible LGBTQ+ representation in Frozen 2 with rumours suggesting the emergence of a girlfriend for Elsa.

This is a detail for which fans have been clamouring since the original Frozen’s 'Let it Go' became a 'coming out' anthem, with its call to disregard others’ advice to "conceal, don’t feel" and to truly be yourself.

Official images have revealed a female character who may have equivalent autumnal powers to those of Elsa: could this be Evan Rachel Wood’s character (credited as Iduna on IMDB)? And could there be romance in the air?

What is the story of Frozen 2?

The latest Frozen 2 trailer gave us plenty of memorable sights, including the return of rock trolls aplenty, along with their usual offerings of sage advice. This time the Troll King – who once worried if Elsa was too much for this world – is now wondering if Elsa will be enough to save them.

It certainly seems that she’s levelled up her powers since the original. The new and improved Elsa seems to be The Incredibles' Frozone and X-Men's Iceman all rolled into one, as the trailer sees her confronting the earth’s elements and fighting back against tsunami-sized tidal waves. Only time will tell how she’ll fare against the trailer’s gigantic rock monsters, who make The Iron Giant look like he’s still waiting for a growth spurt.

And with 'bigger is better' in mind, the trailer showed us that we’ve also got a whole herd of Svens stampeding our way. Let’s see some reindeer love interest there too, please. Or at least more excuses to witness the comedic, yet caring chemistry between Sven and Kristoff.

Sadly though, it looks like this time around we’ll have to go without the scheming of Frozen’s The Duke of Weasletown. Sorry, Wess-el-ton.

Who is writing and directing Frozen 2?

It’s hardly surprising to see Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee return to share directorial duties after the first ultra-successful outing. Frozen won the Best Animated Feature Oscar in 2014 and comfortably broke the $1 billion global box office barrier, and the sequel will no doubt be looking to beat that record.

Whereas the first Frozen was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Snow Queen’, this time Lee collaborates with Allison Schroeder, who’s returning to Disney after penning 2018’s Winnie the Pooh tale, Christopher Robin.

What songs are on the Frozen 2 soundtrack?

Of course, you can’t mention Frozen without someone nearby spontaneously bursting into an a cappella version of 'Let It Go.'

That’s all thanks to husband and wife song-writing duo, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. The pair are back on musical duties for the sequel and are no doubt looking to emulate the Oscar-winning success they saw with ‘Let it Go’. In fact, there looks to be reprise as the song is being reworked for the new movie, presumably to reflect the fresh challenges facing the characters.

There are still some big boots to fill though. The remainder of the original Frozen soundtrack was standout in and of itself, with songs such as 'Do You Want to Build a Snowman,' 'Love is an Open Door' and 'In Summer' burying themselves deep in your subconscious and becoming inadvertent ear-worms.

To better the original, the Lopez’s, along with composer Christophe Beck, will need to bring the hits. That’s if they’re hoping to have children (and adults) singing along on car journeys up until the next instalment comes around. It’s just a shame it isn’t released "… in summer!"

When is Frozen 2 released?

Frozen 2 is released in the UK on 22nd November, six years to the day after the original.

So what’s set to go down in Arendelle and beyond? Check out the trailer and be sure to tweet us your thoughts at @Cineworld.

Robb Sheppard is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.