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Frozen 2 trailer breakdown: what we've learned about Anna and Elsa's new adventure


Disney sequel Frozen 2 reunites us with Anna and Elsa later this year, and the latest trailer promises even more thrilling adventure than its predecessor. Scroll down for all the highlights.

1. Elsa's powers

The trailer begins in the same manner as the previous teaser back in March, with ice-manipulating Elsa (Idina Menzel) testing out her powers on the sea. However, this extended promo shows her slipping beneath the waves before being confronted with a mystical water spirit called the Nokk. This is surely just one of the ways the Disney sequel extends the mythology of the Frozen universe – what else will we possibly see in the movie?

2. A new quest

In the first Frozen, it was all about Elsa learning to contain and harbour her powers, with a little help from estranged sister Anna (Kristen Bell). This time, however, the question resides in whether they're strong enough. The trailer doesn't give much away, but given that prophetic warning and the nature of the massive creatures we see later on, it seems the time has come for Elsa's destructive abilities to be properly harnessed. We can only assume this is for the good of Arendelle as a whole.

3. Reunion with old friends

Chalk them up: Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), snowman Olaf (Josh Gad) and reindeer Sven. Present in the cast, although not featuring in the trailer: Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown as new characters.

4. Grand Pabbie's warning

Irish actor Ciaran Hinds (Justice League) is back to voice rock troll creature Grand Prabbie, and he appears to understand the importance of Anna's new mission. As already revealed by writer-director Jennifer Lee last year, the storyline of Frozen 2 takes us beyond the fringes of Arendelle for the first time, although the true implications of this are only hinted at in the trailer.

Still, with the visual palette ranging from icy vistas to gorgeous, russet-coloured autumnal woods, there's no denying the upgrade in the beauty of the animation. But it's the emotional impact of said journey that we're most curious about – as Pabbie says, "the past is not what it seems... you must find the truth, go north, past the enchanted lands, and into the unknown".

5. New enemies

The first Frozen movie unleashed an assortment of demonic ice characters but the sequel steps it up a notch with mountain-sized monsters. It seems Pabbie's warning is to be heeded – the presence of such monsters (it's unclear whether they're enemies at this stage) promises to make this a somewhat darker and more intense experience than its predecessor. After all, Anna is doing a full-on Jurassic Park style evasive move hiding behind that tree – it's like something out of a proper Hollywood monster blockbuster.

6. A new song?

Last year Lee promised a couple of new Frozen 2 songs that, she said, "are blowing my mind". Are we possibly hearing the instrumentals of these in the backdrop of the trailer? All will surely become clear soon, but with Robert and Kristen-Anderson Lopez back to pen the new showstoppers, we can surely expect tunes that will reach ear-worming status.

Frozen 2 is released on 22nd November, so tweet us @Cineworld with anything we missed in the trailer.