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The Friday the 13th movies you definitely don't (but kind of do) want to watch


So today is the unluckiest day there is: Friday the 13th. Hopefully nothing upsetting has befallen you, but we wanted to get all you Cineworlders in the mood by rounding up some essential horror classics to watch today.

With an onslaught of horror movies currently on release, there's something for everyone...

The ghostly chiller: Ghost Stories

Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson translate their Olivier-nominated stage smash to the big screen, with ghoulishly entertaining results. Prepare to jump out of your skin and feel your flesh creep as Nyman's Professor Goodman looks into three seemingly impossible hauntings – with a diabolical outcome. Featuring strong performances from Paul Whitehouse, Alex Lawther and Martin Freeman as the men apparently plagued by the supernatural, plus a nostalgic anthology structure that honours the classic British horror tradition, it's scarily good fun.

Click here to book your tickets for Ghost Stories.

The alien invasion: A Quiet Place

It's the horror movie everyone's talking about, having scared up glowing reviews and box office gold in the process. John Krasinski makes an unlikely but utterly inspired segue with his latest directorial effort, the petrifying story of a family besieged by creatures that hunt using sound. By emphasising the central ensemble's need for silence, Krasinski brilliantly ramps up the eerie atmosphere, and coaxes strong performances from real-life wife and co-star Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe. And yes, they are aliens: Krasinski himself confirmed it on the Empire podcast.

Click here to book your tickets for A Quiet Place.

The demonic assault: Truth or Dare

Released today in Cineworld, this creepy chiller is the latest from horror specialists Blumhouse, who in the past have unleashed classics like Get Out upon us. Their latest is the story of a group of teenagers whose ill-fated decision to take part in a seemingly innocent game of truth or dare takes a sinister turn. 

Click here to book your tickets for Truth or Dare.

The monster mash: Rampage

OK, it's not a horror movie, but Dwayne Johnson's testosterone-fuelled latest owes its sense of spirit to classic movie beasties like King Kong. He plays primatologist Davis Okoye whose bond with gorilla George is tested when a deadly serum causes the ape to grow to ginormous size. Even worse, there's an oversized flying wolf and a crocodile/pig mutation threatening to bring down the whole of Chicago, forcing Davis and George into a battle to stop them.

Click here to book your tickets for Rampage.

Which of these movies will you be watching? Let us know @Cineworld.