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The 5 reasons Ted 2 sees the world's most objectionable cuddly toy coming of age


Ted 2 sees Ted delivering more shock and awe courtesy of director Seth MacFarlane. However, he's also showing signs of maturing into a semi-respectable member of society too. Here's what makes us think it's possible he might just succeed...

1. He’s (still) living in his own apartment 

In the original film, Ted was forced to move out of John’s home and into his own apartment after John and then girlfriend Lori arrived home to find Ted playing a game of truth and dare with four prostitutes. Surprisingly he has failed to be evicted since and is even thriving in his own space.

2. He’s holding down a job 

Unbelievably Ted has managed to keep his job at Bay Colony supermarket. This is despite insulting his boss at every opportunity, being caught sleeping with his co-worker Tami-Lynn in the supermarket’s storeroom and eating potato salad off her naked bottom (an act which led to him being promoted to store manager) in the original film.

3. He’s getting married 

Ted’s torrid love affair with Tami-Lynn has developed into a full-blown romance, prompting Ted to ask her to walk down the aisle. At the ceremony we see the vicar telling Tami-Lynn “You may kiss the teddy bear”.

4. He wants a child 

The happy couple (Ted and Tami) are keen to have a baby, but Ted tells John he needs a sperm donor to help him achieve it. John agrees to help his friend out, leading to one of the most stomach-churning scenes of the franchise so far.

5. He’s fighting for his civil rights 

In order for Ted to be accepted as a father and have custody of his child he needs to be seen as human in the eyes of the law. Thankfully feisty lawyer Samantha L. Jackson, played by Amanda Seyfried, agrees to take on Ted’s case and finds romance with John in the process.

Watch the trailer here to make up your own mind:

To see why all of the above should be taken with a large pinch of salt, check out John and Ted back in action when  Ted 2 lands at Cineworld on 10 July.