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Finding Dory and the Pixar sequels that absolutely NEED to happen


You're no doubt aware that Finding Dory star Ellen DeGeneres was pivotal in getting Pixar's underwater sequel off the ground, reasoning that if Cars 2 managed to get a follow-up, why not Finding Nemo?

We finally get to set eyes on Finding Dory on 29th July – but in the meantime, we thought we'd present you with our ideas for the Pixar sequels that haven't happened but which absolutely need to...

Up 2: Up, Up and Away

The pitch: Adorable old codger Carl is still hanging on in there and is still friends with the now grown-up Russell. Keen to hold onto his memories of his late, beloved wife Ellie, Carl along with Russell pilots the dirigible from the end of the first movie back to Paradise Falls to reclaim his balloon house – his one remaining link to the past. But how will they reignite all those deflated balloons and get his humble abode back to American soil?

Wall-E 2

The pitch: The end of the first Wall-E very nearly broke our hearts with the eponymous robot's circuity and mind seemingly fried forever. Of course, love interest EVE was able to bring him back – but by this stage plucky Wall-E has got a real taste for adventure and heads back off into space to discover more sentient beings like himself. Along the way he ventures through yet more extraordinary galaxies and meets more astonishing characters – but will he be able to get home?


The pitch: At the end of Pixar's 2007 classic, culinary genius Remy learned that everyone can indeed cook, marshalling a host of mouthwatering dishes from the kitchen of his Parisian restaurant. But what happens when the time comes for Remy to expand his business empire and bring his flavoursome touch to gastronomic wonderland London? This is the latest step in our rat cook's heartwarming emotional journey.

Brave 2

The pitch: At the conclusion of this sweeping, Scotland-set fairy tale tomboyish heroine Merida reconciled with her mother and emerged as the hero she always knew she was. This is handy when her kingdom is invaded by marauding enemies, prompting Merida to stand tall and defend everything she knows and loves.

Inside Out 2

The pitch: The climax of Pixar's mind-altering, hilariously funny and tearjerking masterpiece teased the appearance of a certain 'puberty' button on the control panel within young girl Riley's mind. Therefore what better way to continue the journey of her bickering emotions Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust as they attempt to contend with Riley's turbulent venture into topsy-turvy adolescence. Along the way they're also forced to contend with a host of new challenges, including boys and going to college...

Finding Dory is released on 29th July.