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Previously on Fifty Shades: everything you need to know before seeing #FiftyShadesFreed


On 9th February Fifty Shades Freed concludes the trilogy of movies exploring the relationship between multimillionaire Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Ana aka the new Mrs. Grey (Dakota Johnson).

Author E.L. James' Fifty Shades series has become a pop culture phenomenon, but we’re sure there are still some people out there curious as to what the steamy romance is all about.

If you want to be caught up on the crucial details so far, or simply want a quick reminder of what happened, here’s everything you need to know about Fifty Shades before seeing Fifty Shades Freed.

When Ana met Christian

The start of every romantic tale begins when two star-crossed lovers meet. In 2015's Fifty Shades of Grey this crucial encounter takes place when Anastasia Steele, a business student, interviews successful businessman Christian Grey in place of her sick roommate. Although not exactly love at first sight, it’s clear there’s already some chemistry between them as they bid farewell at the elevator.

Shortly after the interview Ana and Christian’s paths cross once more when he visits the hardware shop she’s working at. Helping him find a selection of not at all suspicious goods, Ana and Christian continue their awkward flirting before he offers his number and asks her to call him later.

The hotel and the 'playroom'

After getting drunk having celebrated the completion of her exams, Ana phones Christian who insists he pick her up from a local bar. He takes her to his hotel room where, the next morning and after some more flirting, Christian tells Ana he won’t touch her without written consent.

Christian takes Ana on a trip to his expensive condo in Seattle via private helicopter. It’s at this point he takes her into his 'playroom' filled with 'specialised' equipment. Although she’s initially a little surprised, this doesn’t stop the pair from spending the night together.

Over the next few days Ana begins to learn more about Christian, notably that he was adopted and was involved in an intense relationship with one of his mother’s friends when he was younger. When Ana decides it’s time to go back to Washington, Christian hands her a folder with a contract detailing guidelines for their relationship, and instructs her to read them.

Too much for Ana

Although initially unconvinced by Christian’s contract, Ana is steadily introduced to his world as the pair’s romantic expeditions continue. However Ana never fully understands Christian’s desires, so decides to enter his 'playroom' to see how extreme their relationship could be. To Ana’s despair, this turns out to be too much. She runs out the room in tears confessing she loves him, but can’t be what he wants her to be. With that, they bid farewell.

Ana takes Christian back

In 2017's Fifty Shades Darker, we join Ana in a new job at a publishing company as the assistant to the editor, Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson). That night she attends an art exhibition to discover that portraits of her (taken by her college friend) have all been purchased by Christian.

Christian approaches Ana and asks her to join him for dinner so they can renegotiate their relationship. Ana accepts and takes him back under the condition he’s not as extreme, and respects her wishes as a newly independent person.

Jack's sinister advances

After witnessing Jack and Ana having drinks together, Christian becomes suspicious of the former's true intentions so decides to buy the publishing company, effectively becoming her boss.

Later on Jack, unimpressed Ana is dating Christian, makes an inappropriate advance towards her. Ana then fights him off and informs Christian what happened. Jack is promptly fired and Ana’s given his old position as editor.

Leila stalks Ana

Throughout the film Ana is followed by a strange woman (Bella Heathcote) who seems to know her. Christian reveals her name is Leila and is his ex. He and Leila had a complicated relationship (which he ended); Leila then went on to get married but had a nervous breakdown after her husband died in a car crash.

One day, Ana returns home to find Leila waiting for her with a gun. Thankfully, Christian arrives in time to stop Leila from hurting her. Leila is sent to a psychiatric unit to get help.

Ana says yes

As the pair continue to explore their desires, Christian is still plagued by nightmares of his abusive father (we see this earlier in the film). One night, Ana witnesses him in the midst of one of these dreams and goes to comfort him. When he wakes Christian asks her to marry him but she doesn’t give an answer, needing time to think.

After having time to consider Ana decides to accept by giving Christian a small keyring with the word 'yes' engraved on it for his birthday. At the party, however, she’s accused of only wanting to marry him for his money. Christian takes Ana outside to a boathouse where he proposes properly as they watch fireworks erupt around them. Across the water, a dishevelled Jack stands watching…

Fifty Shades Darker

Now married Christian and Ana can enjoy the benefits of his massive wealth, including purchasing a massive mansion as seen in the newly released trailer. Ana's status has also changed – she now insists on being called 'Mrs. Grey' and there's a surprise pregnancy in the mix as well. But it's not all good news: the malevolent presence of Christian's old flame Elena Lincoln (Kim Basinger) hovers in the background...

Don't miss the conclusion of their steamy saga when Fifty Shades Freed lands in Cineworld on 9th February in time for Valentine's Day.

Andy Murray is an Unlimited card holder who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.