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Who's that girl? Everything you need to know about Fifty Shades Darker's Bella Heathcote


Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan prepare to steam up the scream once again in next year's Fifty Shades of Grey sequel, Fifty Shades Darker.

E.L. James' latest instalment of raunch promises to live up its billing by delving into the mysterious Christian Grey's past, which manifests in the form of his damaged ex-lover, Leila Williams. She's playing by rising Australian star Bella Heathcote, and in advance of her performance here's what you need to know.

She's already got a good line in misfit characters

Leila makes life very difficult for Ana Steele and Christian Grey's ongoing relationship, and Bella has already laid the groundwork for the character with her rogue's gallery of oddballs.

She was in Tim Burton's 2012 dark comedy/horror Dark Shadows (see below), in which she played Johnny Depp's doomed on-screen love interest (who manifests as a phantom), and this year's disturbingly nightmarish fashion satire/vampire horror The Neon Demon from controversial director Nicolas Winding Refn. In the latter she plays fashion model Gigi who harbours some truly nasty secrets (and who suffers from one of the grossest fates of any movie character we've seen this year).

In fact, she's properly kooky off-screen too

In her own words: "I collect skulls; I think that a beautiful skull is a really good gift for a guy."


But she in fact got her big break in something altogether less strange

Like many Aussie superstars Bella first got attention for her role in soap opera Neighbours. Has that rung any bells for you? In case it doesn't, she played bullying and manipulative Amanda Fowler in 2009, nemesis of Kate Ramsay (Ashleigh Brewer).

She plays a vital role in the Fifty Shades saga

As the disturbed Leila, the actress has concealed her blonde hair and adopted a complexion more befitting a vampire. Her character was in fact given the boot by Christian, a mistake that comes back to haunt him and Ana when the latter accepts the kinky millionaire back into her life.

You've likely seen her on the small screen, too...

Six words: The Man in the High Castle. In this acclaimed adaptation of Philip K. Dick's groundbreaking novel, one exploring an alternate history in which the Nazis won World War II, Bella plays Berlin filmmaker Nicole Becker who comes into contact with the American underground resistance.

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