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Ferdinand's John Cena and 5 other WWE stars who wrestled their way to the big screen


Over the last few years the face of WWE, the Attitude Adjustment-administering Mr. John Cena, has charged on to the Hollywood scene with gusto. Featuring in a number of over-the-top action movies, as well as trying his hand at drama, the bulk of Cena's output has been in comedy, most famously as Amy Schumer's hilariously lunk-headed boyfriend in Trainwreck.

Demonstrating a natural talent for timing and delivery, Cena has a real flair for funny and he continues to show it off in the upcoming animated flick Ferdinand. Following the adventures of a genial bull and featuring an all-star voice cast, Ferdinand looks to be another notch on Cena's comedy belt alongside the likes of Trainwreck, Daddy's Home 1 & 2 and Sisters.

However, Cena isn't the only wrestling superstar to have grappled his way to the big screen. Here are a few of his fellow muscle-bound contenders who have been suplexed into the Hollywood spotlight...

5. Andre the Giant

One of the largest men to grace the wrestling ring and big screen with his presence, Andre may not have had many credits to his name but his role in The Princess Bride is more than deserving of a mention.

Starring alongside the likes of Cary Elwes, Robin Wright and Mandy Pantinkin, André aptly plays a gigantic wrestler named Fezzik, a different kind of big screen giant whose large stature and bumbling persona disguise a sweet-natured, humble and misunderstood man underneath.

Andre the Giant became a legend in the wrestling world, and his supposed ability to drink 120 beers in one sitting made him legendary outside of it, but it is Fezzik for which he will be most fondly remembered.

4. Jesse 'The Body' Ventura

Though he hasn't appeared on screen for a few years now, Jesse Ventura has starred in some of the top-tier action movies.

One of the muscle-bound action men that defined the 1980s, Ventura could not have had a better big screen debut than with alien vs soldier epic Predator. Alongside other bicep-laden stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers, Ventura's mini-gun lovin' commando may not have lasted long against the extra-terrestrial foe but he certainly made a lasting impression in our hearts.

Add this to his appearances in both The Running Man and Demolition Man and suddenly you'll suddenly realise how many classic macho movies he's appeared in.

3. 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper

Kilt-wearing wrestler extraordinaire Roddy stood as one of the most popular performers on the wrestling stage throughout the 1980s, and he subsequently became something of a hero on the big screen, too.

His roles in low-budget horror, sci-fi and action films may never have led to mainstream success, but his sunglasses-wearing visage and quotable line about "chewing bubble-gum" and "kicking ass" in John Carpenter's They Live will be forever burned into movie enthusiasts’ memories forever.

2. Dave Bautista aka Batista

Somewhat out of nowhere, Dave Bautista has emerged as one of the most intriguing character actors in modern movies. Having procured a number of supporting roles, Bautista was thrust into the spotlight with Marvel's gleefully entertaining Guardians of the Galaxy.

As Drax the Destroyer, Bautista endured hours of make-up in order to transform into the angry, literal-minded warrior out for revenge. His deadpan delivery alongside his silver-back frame elevated Drax to instant fan-favourite status, and his return in this year's sequel Guardians Vol. 2 was greeted just as enthusiastically.

After a dialogue-free, villainous turn as the bruising Hinx in Bond movie SPECTRE, as well as a brief but frankly phenomenal appearance in the critically lauded Blade Runner 2049, Bautista has successfully left the moniker of wrestler behind and has become an actor well worth watching.

1. Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock

One of the biggest success stories in Hollywood, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's humble beginnings have been well publicised. Growing up in a poor household, Johnson has battled depression and poverty to become not only one of the most successful wrestlers of all time, but now one of the most affluent and well-liked actors in Hollywood.

Johnson has done it all, from family fluff to hard-hitting action, utilising his natural charisma and charm every step of the way. There really is nothing stopping The Rock from continuing his dominance... unless John Cena knocks him off his perch, that is.

We'll next be seeing Dwayne in action onslaught Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – the movie has its Unlimited screening on 8th December, previews on the 9th and 10th and it goes on wide release on the 20th. Check out Dwayne in the trailer below.

Ferdinand previews on 9th and 10th December before going on wide release on 16th December – check out John Cena in action in the trailer.

Jon Fuge is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.

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