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Watch the full-throttle Super Bowl trailer for Fast and Furious 7


There's more Jason Statham and a lot more fender-bending action in the recently released Super Bowl trailer for Fast & Furious 7.

Chalk up the usual suspects: lead performers Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker; the family dynamic between their merry band of car thieves; a vengeful baddie (Statham); and, of course, jaw-droppingly ridiculous set-pieces that make even the latest Need for Speed game pale in comparison.

On the latter point, let me just say this: car meets skyscraper. Take a look at the trailer and you'll know exactly what I mean. Promising seriously cool motors and exotic locations by the engine-load (plus Dwayne Johnson wielding what looks like a mini-gun), Fast & Furious 7 zooms into Cineworld on 3rd April.