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The most insanely full-throttle movie cars that left the competition in the dust #Fast8


It seems that movie cars are getting faster and faster, especially when Fast and Furious is concerned. With the eighth movie just around the corner, we rate the fastest movie cars.


The movie: Transformers (and its sequels)

Speed: Fast (but faster when in its natural robotic form)

This slightly bends the rules because Bumblebee is not only a car, but an Autobot. Therefore he has a personality and more qualities than just speed and an accelerator. Bumblebee and co. are trying to save earth from ominous, alien-like robots, while the Fast cars are what drive (literally!) Dominic Toretto, Luke Hobbs and the rest of the team. Having a Transformer would be an unfair advantage for Dom Toretto's gang, wouldn't it?

Herbie the Love Bug

The movie: The Love Bug (and its sequels)

Speed: He gets faster as the movies go on

Last seen in 2005 alongside Lindsay Lohan, Herbie has been passed down through the generations. Like Bumblebee, Herbie has a personality and certainly causes a lot of mischief. Therefore his sole purpose is not speed-specific like the cars in the Fast series, yet Herbie can still win the race in the end so he’s faster than his rivals. Would Herbie be helpful for the Fast 8 crew though? Given his cheeky attitude, we think not.

Lightning McQueen

The movie: Cars (and its sequels)

Speed: Fast enough to win the race!

This car can talk, but not among humans. Indeed, there are no humans in the universe of Cars – just cars! Lightning McQueen is an actual racer car so of course he’s lightning-fast. McQueen would actually be very handy for the team in Fast 8, as he doesn’t need a human being to function, which brings a whole new definition to the automatic car.

The Batmobile

The movie(s): All the Batmans!

Speed: Fast enough for Batman to get away from the Joker, but not fast enough to get away from Superman.

The Batmobile is the ultimate superhero vehicle. With its sleek design, the Batmobile can travel super-fast and get the Dark Knight out of situations as quickly as he can take out a room full of thugs. After defeating a bad guy, Batman is able to get back to the Batcave quickly to avoid Gotham police seeing him or tracking him down. This was until Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, when Superman was able to stop the Batmobile. The Batmobile would completely reinvent the Fast movie series, as surely it would out beat everyone. But sadly, Batman doesn’t likes to share his toys.

The DeLorean

The movie(s): The Back to the Future trilogy

Speed: Fast enough to time travel

There’s no doubt that the DeLorean can travel at extreme speed, because it can time travel! Aside from its time-travelling abilities the the car doesn’t do a lot of actual driving during the films, but when you can flash through time and space, what's the need? If the Fast 8 team were ever to go full sci-fi (hey, it could happen!), the DeLorean wouldn’t be ideal.

Cameron's dad's Ferrari

The movie: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Speed: Slow when Cameron is watching, but fast when the two parking attendants take it for a spin.

This iconic movie car is shown going very, very fast indeed, even though the original drivers of the car don’t see it in action! The beautiful red Ferrari is a precious item to Cameron Frye’s Dad, so when Cameron’s BFF Ferris Bueller asks to take it for a drive, the former tries very hard to get his mate to leave it. We all know the car’s fate as it flies through the windows of Cameron's home, but thankfully he's had such a good day that he’s not scared about his father’s reaction. This sleek supercar would almost certainly suit the Fast 8 gang in terms of style and speed.

These movie cars may be iconic, but ultimately we know that no one does fast cars like the Fast and Furious team. There are bound to be faster, sleeker and crazier races and adventures in Fast 8, out next year!

Which famous movie car do you think the Fast 8 crew would like to work with? Tweet your choices @Cineworld.

Nadine Shambrook is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.