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Charlize Theron, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster on Fast & Furious 8


Vin Diesel? Dwayne Johnson? Forget about it. The real stars of the Fast & Furious series arrive in the form of kick-ass trio Charlize Theron, Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez, and they're leaving the testosterone at the door.

Theron is of course a new recruit to the franchise as the villainous Cipher, the character who seemingly converts Diesel's Dom Toretto to the dark side, whilst Brewster and Rodriguez have been with the series since its inception back in 2001. We've rounded up some choice interview snippets to get you ready for the upcoming movie, released on 14th April.

Charlize Theron on playing the villain...

Poised to be the most despicable antagonist in the series so far, Cipher invokes boos precisely because she destroys the seemingly indestructible: Dom's family unit. Turning Diesel's tough guy against girlfriend Letty (Rodriguez) and the rest of his crew, Cipher's influence is of the distinctly malevolent kind, and Theron says pitting herself against the Fast & Furious squad posed some interesting challenges.

"This is a franchise that has been built for 16 years on this idea of family being kind of the cornerstone," Theron explained at the Berlin premiere, "... and to play a character that has to kind of break all of that up, it was fun, yeah, and challenging."

Michelle Rodriguez on filming in Cuba...

A little bit of film history for you: not just the newest Fast & Furious blockbuster, Fast 8 has in fact become the first American production to shoot in the country since their embargo was lifted in 1962. The movie is poised to be crammed with Cuban automobile icons including Chevrolets and Cadillacs, and Rodriguez has spilled on what it was like to shoot there.

"That was my favourite part of the whole thing," she tells America's Today programme. "It was nuts. Because Cuba got so much attention after Obama loosened up the laws to allow for back and forth entry. The culture there is so amazing. You see so much more human interaction. Young guys kissing old ladies in the street. Tons of activity in the coffee shops. People dancing in the streets. Just people looking each other in the eye when they talk. It was just refreshing."

Jordana Brewster on the legacy of Paul Walker...

Actress Jordana has been with the franchise since the beginning, playing Dom's sister Mia and eventual wife of Brian O'Conner, played up until Furious 7 by the late Paul Walker who died in a car accident during the production of that movie.

The end of the seventh movie saw O'Conner driving into the sunset, and it also marked Mia's final appearance in the series, having now settled down with his child. Jordana has been speculating on where her character could possibly be now.

"[She's] with Brian, so I can't think of a better place for her to be," Brewster told ABC News. "In the seventh one, Mia was pregnant with a girl. So, I imagine they're on some island, on some idyllic island, just living the life... I think it was like Fiji they were talking about and it was always the island life they wanted."

She also reveals that her favourite moments during filming where those when she got to bond with Walker: "[We're still friends.] I love Vin, I love Michelle ... but my friendship with Paul was definitely the highlight because he was the best guy. So, the bond I had with him was definitely the best part."

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, previewing on 12th and 13th of April before opening nationwide on 14th April.