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Fast and Furious! The top 5 franchises that need the addition of The Rock


The Fast and The Furious franchise began as a (relatively) humble Point Break homage about street racing, but since then the series has ramped up further and further into the absurdist action stratosphere. At this stage no one will be too surprised if we end up with Dom and family drag racing on the Moon.

The first four Fast and Furious films were big hits, but then a large, shiny man came along and changed everything. As you’ve no doubt guessed by now that man is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Exploding into 2011’s Fast Five like a tougher, larger, balder version of Vin Diesel, The Rock’s charismatic turn as Agent Hobbs pushed the franchise to another level, leaving the somewhat grounded predecessors in the dust.

Johnson has proven himself as a saviour of franchises with Fast and Furious as well as G.I. Joe, so what other franchises would benefit with the addition of The Rock? With Fast & Furious 8 out on 14th April we're taking a look.

5. Kong v Godzilla/MonsterVerse

The slated monster-on-monster smash-em-up featuring the giant gorilla from this years Kong: Skull Island and the ginormous lizard from 2014’s Godzilla is sure to be a success all by itself. Looking at the current box office takings of Skull Island alone is a strong indication of this.

However, what person in their right mind doesn't long to see these monstrous titans battle it out with The Rock stuck in the middle, preferably holding a large machine gun? The slab of action hero muscle that is Dwayne would give us a beefy human to root for amongst the inevitable chaos that’s sure to follow the first Zilla/Kong meeting.

4. The Mechanic

Often in action cinema, it’s all about the superstar pairing. Statham’s covert assassin Arthur Bishop has all the ingredients of a stern action icon – but maybe what’s holding him back is the lack of a good villain. The Rock could very well be the charismatic, musclebound bad guy ready to lay the smackdown on The Stath.

A great villain can make or a break an action flick and the addition of Johnson would undeniably bring this greatness. Furious 7 gave us a taste of The Rock vs The Stath (they reunite in this April's Fast & Furious 8) and the prospect of a whole film centred around the two of them battling it out would leave audiences salivating.

3. Judge Dredd

Pete Travis’ Judge Dredd reboot starring Karl Urban as the grimacing cop of the future is nothing short of an R-rated masterpiece. After the cinematic punchline that was the Stallone-led Judge Dredd from the mid-90’s, 2012’s reboot adhered to the violence, characterisation and social commentary that have made the comic books so endearing for so many years.

Unfortunately Dredd didn't quite take the box office by storm, despite enthusiastic critical notices. One surefire way to get the okay on a big budget sequel would be to sign up a proven box office draw: enter The Rock. A bigger budget would allow the filmmakers to explore the well realised dystopia of Mega-City One from the first film, and bringing Johnson in as another Judge would all but guarantee more money. Frankly, Johnson was born to wear a Judge’s helmet.

2. Alien vs. Predator

What made the first Predator and Alien films so popular was not only the iconic beasties, but the people doing to their best to beat them. Look at the size of the man-mountain they call The Rock – he needs to be fighting monsters on screen, daily.

The highlights of both films are when the Predator and the xenomorph throw down, throwing The Rock into the mix would make those already great moments even better.

1. The Terminator

With the recent news that the slated sequel to Terminator: Genisys has been cancelled, the Terminator franchise needs a new hero. The tale of time-travelling androids is able to go off in many different directions, and feature a variety of different time periods and characters.

Simply bring in Johnson as a terminator or soldier (or both in a twist reminiscent of the franchise’s Outer Limits influence) and reignite the series.

Don't miss Dwayne Johnson back in action this April. Click here to book your tickets for Fast & Furious 8.

Jon Fuge is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.