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Everything we know so far about The Kid Who Would Be King


From studio 20th Century Fox comes a British fantasy adventure film bringing the legend of King Arthur to a whole new audience.

With less than two months until The Kid Who Would Be King hits our screens, we are taking a look at everything we know about the film so far...

What is the story of The Kid Who Would Be King?

A contemporary twist on the legend of King Arthur, quite possibly Britain's most enduring and famous myth, The Kid Who Would Be King centres on a young schoolboy named Alex. Picked on by his classmates and appearing just to be an ordinary child, Alex’s whole life is turned upside down after he discovers King Arthur’s fabled sword, Excalibur.

From there, he must form a new round table in preparation for battle with Morgana, a medieval villain who is intent on ruling the world. With the help of the wizard Merlin, and his group of friends, Alex must face his fears and work to ensure that good defeats evil.

The tale of King Arthur has been a mainstay throughout cinema history, most recently in the 2017 release King Arthur: Legend of the Sword directed by Guy Ritchie. However, this new film looks set to introduce the tale to a younger audience, and we cannot wait to see how it turns out.

Who is directing The Kid Who Would Be King?

The film is written and directed by Joe Cornish. British director Cornish (formerly one half of popular podcast duo Adam and Joe with Adam Buxton) made his directorial debut with Attack the Block in 2011, which featured an impressive cast including a pre-Star Wars John Boyega and Doctor Who’s Jodie Whittaker.

The Kid Who Would Be King may be only his second time in the director’s seat, but Cornish is already established in Hollywood circles. In the past he's contributed to scripts including Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin (2011) and Marvel comic book adventure Ant-Man (2015), so it is clear he's got a humorous touch and a love of genre, which is surely ideal when taking on a new King Arthur story. (As proof of this, watch out in the trailer for the brilliant twist on the Lady of the Lake – who this time appears in Alex's bathtub.)

The music in the film comes from Electric Wave Bureau, whose songs have previously appeared in hits including Paddington 2 (2017) – currently the most critically acclaimed movie on website Rotten Tomatoes. We reckon that's a pretty impressive creative line-up, don't you?

Who stars in The Kid Who Would Be King?

Louis Ashbourne Serkis as Alex Elliot – The son of actor and director Andy Serkis, this is Louis’s first significant movie role. (He also lent his voice to his dad's Netflix Jungle Book movie Mowgli.) 

Tom Taylor as Lance – Playing Alex’s bully turned confidante, Taylor is a young actor best known for his performance in Stephen King adaptation The Dark Tower, as well as his recurring role in BBC drama Doctor Foster.

Rebecca Ferguson as Morgana – the medieval sorceress intent on taking over the world, Ferguson has appeared in a wide range of films from The Girl on the Train (2016) to The Greatest Showman (2017) and the two most recent Mission: Impossible blockbusters.

Angus Imrie as young Merlin – the son of Nativity actress Celia Imrie, Angus is taking on the younger incarnation of the legendary wizard, as he attempts – hilariously it seems – to blend in with the other students.

Patrick Stewart as Merlin – portraying the true form of Merlin, Stewart needs no introduction. His filmography over the last few decades ranges from Shakespearean grandeur to the X-Men franchise. We couldn’t imagine anybody better suited to take on this role.

Louis Ashbourne Serkis in The Kid Who Would Be King

Is there a poster?

Yes, there is – check it out below.

The Kid Who Would Be King poster directed by Joe Cornish

When is The Kid Who Would Be King released?

The Kid Who Would Be King reaches us on 15th February 2019.

Where can we watch the trailer?

Right here. Don't forget to tweet us your responses @Cineworld.

Hannah Dixon is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.