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Pixellated! Your favourite movies turned into retro #Nintendo games


It's time to break out the big hair and synthesisers as Nintendo's much-loved NES relaunches on 11th November with 30 classic games. Those of a certain vintage will need no reminder; those young whippersnappers who need updating, rest assured this 80s console staple was responsible for many formative gaming experiences including Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong.

So whilst we prepare to go seriously retro, we thought we'd celebrate all things 8-bit by rounding up these hilarious, pixellated takes on your favourite movies. Be warned: you may never look at them in the same way again...

The Matrix

This 1999 sci-fi classic won an Oscar for its special effects and they still induce a Neo-style 'woah' in us today. Even so, it would have been so much better rendered in 8-bit, we think.

Jurassic Park

Another iconic blockbuster that's a landmark in effects, this dino classic somehow gains added charm from being rendered in blocky pixels. Perhaps that's because games looked exactly like this around the time the movie came out in 1993.

Star Wars

Rogue One? It can't hope to compete with the pixellated majesty of the classic space saga in Nintendo graphics. Somehow it transforms evil overlord Darth Vader from terrifying to absolutely adorable.

Terminator II

Ah, that glorious burst of synth video game music. Somehow it makes the classic Terminator theme tune sound even better – we also love how they've rendered the T-1000 liquid metal effects in 8-bit form. Now that's detail.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel's joyous blockbuster is a movie that takes great delight in transporting us back to a particular time and place with its selection of timeless pop hits. With a sequel on the way next year, it's only right that we bring you the NES incarnation (complete with bleepy covers of the aforementioned songs).

Got some 8-bit movie classics of your own? And will you be queuing up on 11th November to grab that blast from the past, the NES? Send in your suitably retro responses @Cineworld.