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Early reactions to Godzilla: King of the Monsters praise effects and action


Godzilla isn't the only titan troubling the all-star cast in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Multiple beasts of epic proportions are re-emerging, chief among which is Godzilla's ultimate nemesis King Ghidorah. Mothra and Ghodan are also battling it out for supremacy over earth.

The team behind King of the Monsters includes director Michael Dougherty, whose background in horror-tinged comedy (Krampus and Trick 'r Treat) seems to have created a fun ride. Scripwriter Max Borestein has previously shared part of the overall vision for the sequel - give us more thrills, of course, but also make Godzilla more empathetic for the audience.

Did it work? Twitter seems to think so. Check out some of the first reactions from the internet's film and entertainment buffs.

Need to see the epic showdown that is Gozilla: King of the Monsters? You can book tickets now ahead of the film's release on 29th May.