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Dunkirk: check out the dramatic first poster for Christopher Nolan's WWII epic


The Dark Knight, Interstellar and Inception director Christopher Nolan comes back down to Earth next year with his sure-to-be-awesome World War II opus, Dunkirk.

Featuring an all-star cast led by Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance and Cillian Murphy, the movie explores the real-life WWII Operation Dynamo, which saw the evacuation of Allied soldiers from the French town of Dunkirk between 27th May and 4th of June, 1940.

Ahead of the first full-length trailer later this week, the poster has been proudly unveiled. Check it out and, if you're like us, you'll hopefully get serious chills.

So, what are we thinking? Is this set to be another masterpiece from a director who specialises in them? Tweet us your thoughts @Cineworld and keep your eyes peeled to the blog for a breakdown of the Dunkirk trailer once it arrives.