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Why you need to experience the majesty of Dunkirk in IMAX


Movies don't come bigger or more jaw-droppingly grandiose than Christopher Nolan's remarkable World War II epic, Dunkirk

It's a film that's made to be experienced in IMAX – quite literally in fact, as Nolan shot large portions of it using IMAX cameras. Here's why you need to go the extra mile and experience the movie in this most immersive of formats.

It's an overwhelming experience

Dunkirk isn't your standard WWII movie; rather, a taut, tense tale of survival that takes place during the pivotal Operation Dynamo evacuation.

Nolan throws you headlong into the conflict, overpowering you with immersive sound and visuals in a manner that is both terrifying and exhilarating, something that's heightened by the IMAX presentation.

The sound design is remarkable

Right from the off, as bullets strafe past young soldier Tommy (Fionn Whitehead), the ear-scorching volume of the film's sound effects puts you in the midst of the action. 

Nolan's famous attention to detail gets a fine showcase here, and what better way to show off his filmmaking capabilities than in IMAX?

The dogfight sequences are unlike anything you've seen this year

Or indeed ever. Nolan used real Spitfires for use during the production and gets you up close and personal to Tom Hardy's pilot Farrier as he battles the Luftwaffe over the sea.

The swooping, astonishing camerawork gains added immersive dimensions in IMAX and ensures this is a movie event you don't want to miss.

It's what IMAX is made for

Nolan is one of the greatest craftsmen working in Hollywood and his attention to both visual and aural detail means this isn't just a movie. It's an apocalyptic, shattering, rousing and inspirational depiction of war that demands IMAX in order to be experienced properly.

Click here to book your IMAX tickets for Dunkirk
, opening this Friday.

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