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Strange days ahead! 5 brilliantly trippy tracks from Michael Giacchino's Doctor Strange score


No doubt many of you were transported into a breathtaking new dimension this weekend as Marvel's Doctor Strange finally arrived in Cineworld. Completing the extraordinary, mind-altering journey of Benedict Cumberbatch's superhero is the sweeping and psychedelic score from Jurassic World veteran Michael Giacchino – in fact, it's so good we've rounded up five of our favourite tracks for your listening pleasure. Prepare to have your minds (and ears) blown.

Ancient Sorcerer's Secret

Stephen Strange isn't your standard Marvel superhero, only emerging as the title character after dabbling in much magical mysticism and new planes of reality. So it makes perfect sense that Giacchino's music mashes up Eastern and Western cultures with an onslaught of choir and dreamy sitars. And that punchy theme for our title character? It's to die for.

Inside the Mirror Dimension

One of our favourite bits from the movie comes when the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) causes physical reality to shatter like shards of glass, taking Strange within the magical Mirror Dimension. Given the woozy, ethereal and enchanting textures conjured by Giacchino in his music, we might as well be inside it ourselves.

Hong Kong Kablooey

In a refreshing change of pace one of the movie's key battles takes place not in America but in the Far East, as Strange faces his nemesis Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen). This is where Giacchino really lets rip with all the musical forces at his disposal, turning the orchestra inside out just as our characters mold and manipulate time in front of our eyes. Should Giacchino score all future Marvel movies? On this evidence, yes.

Strange Days Ahead

You know the moment in all Marvel movies where our central character finally becomes the hero they're destined to be? Giacchino nails that sense of heroic inevitability here as he finally lets rip with the Strange theme, planting a massive grin on our faces in the process. Given Marvel's reluctance to re-use musical ideas from film to film, we'd be really upset if this wasn't used in Avengers: Infinity War. Come on guys, make it happen.

The Master of the Mystic End Credits

When the legendary Paul McCartney witnessed the recording sessions for Doctor Strange at Abbey Road Studios, he remarked about how the music distilled the trippy sound of The Beatles' 'I Am the Walrus'. Well, here's the proof: an undulating, far-out musical trip that brings more than a smidgen of psychedelia and prog rock to the MCU. Take a bow Michael Giacchino, you've done yourself proud.

What did you make of Doctor Strange, both the movie and score? Tweet us your thoughts @Cineworld.