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Why experiencing Doctor Strange in 4DX will turn your mind inside out! (In a good way)


Marvel's new superhero feast Doctor Strange is out now in Cineworld but rather than settling for the standard experience, here's why you need to go all the way and upgrade to 4DX for this awesomely heroic blockbuster.

1. It re-defines the 4DX experience 

The critics are saying Doctor Strange is unlike any other Marvel movie, playing around with alternate dimensions and extraordinary magic spells – so the movie therefore cries out to be witnessed in 4DX. With its hi-tech motion seats and awesomely immersive effects including wind, fog, lightning, bubbles, water, rain and scents, 4DX brings the strange world of Stephen Strange to life.

2. It'll mess with your head! 

Fed up of blockbusters that look ordinary? Want a film that lingers in the mind instead of going in one ear and out of the other? Then don't miss Doctor Strange in 4DX: it's guaranteed to provide enough visual wizardry and dynamic sound (step forward genius composer, Michael Giacchino) to make a memorable evening.

3. Enjoy new dimensions of Cumberbatch!

Let's face it: watching the brilliant Benedict in Sherlock whilst sat on the sofa is fine but wouldn't you rather reveal in his majestic acting talents on the big screen? And the bonus is that the immersive nature of 4DX will bring you closer to one of our finest actors.

4. Interact with the movie!

When our title character retreats to the Far East to have his mind opened by the mysterious Ancient One (Tilda Swinton), the Marvel universe gets a sudden and serious injection of real magic unlike anything you've seen before. Forget Iron Man: this promises to be the kind of amazing sensory experience you have to watch in 4DX. With its tactile array of senses and smells, 4DX was made for the transporting and psychedelic storyline of Doctor Strange.


5. Dream a little bigger

OK, so your local Cineworld screen practically has your name carved into the seats. But why settle for that when you can have your imagination and emotions stoked by the mighty power of 4DX? You know it's the right thing to do!

Click here to book your tickets for Doctor Strange and don't forget to send us your responses once you've seen it! Tweet us @Cineworld.