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Incredible Pixar sequels unveiled #D23EXPO


Pixar are firmly back where they belong if this summer's delightful smash hit Inside Out is anything to go by. And at the recent Disney D23 Expo, Pixar's mind-boggling slate of sequels was unveiled to an excited public. Here's what you need to know about the animated gems making their way to you over the next few years...

Toy Story 4

When it's out? July 14th 2017

What we know: Pixar bigwig and movie magician John Lasseter, he of the first two Toy Story films as well as Cars and its sequel, took to the stage to drop some hints about the return of Woody, Buzz and pals. 

"We have the old characters back and some great new characters we'll tell you about in the future," he said. "We're so proud of Toy Story." So what of the new movie? "What we did not realise while we were making the films is that each of the movies is a different genre," Lasseter explained. And in Toy Story 4 it's a genre we've never done in that world, a love story. It's a love story between Woody and Bo Peep. Bo returns for Toy Story 4, as Woody and Buzz Lightyear head out into the world to find her. It's very special and a very personal story for me, because it's inspired by my wife, Nancy." 

Sounds like we'll be preparing for yet more laughs and tears as Bo rounds herself up a certain rootin' tootin' cowboy.

Finding Dory

When's it out? June 2016

What we know: Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton is back to helm this eagerly awaited sequel to Pixar's aquatic masterpiece. Footage unveiled at D23 revealed that the forgetful Pacific regal blue tang (voiced by an attending Ellen Degeneres) is now setting off on a quest to discover her family. Awww! Thing is, in order to do so she needs to team up with the clownfish we know and love, Marlin (Albert Brooks). Along the way she meets a host of delightful characters including a Modern Family double whammy of Ed O'Neill and Ty Burrell as, respectively, Hank the octopus and a beluga whale. 

The Incredibles 2

When's it out? That's top secret

What do we know: Well, frankly, not very much. The follow-up to Brad Bird's brilliantly inventive superhero adventure was notable by its absence at D23 – but John Lasseter did spill one or two nuggets of info. "[Brad Bird] has found a really great story," he told Inquisitr. "We’re just starting to develop it; he’s come back now after Tomorrowland. We’re really excited about it, but I can’t say much more about that." So what about the film's absence at the expo? "We didn’t talk about it today at the D23 Expo because we have another D23 Expo before that one comes out. You’ll hear about it in two years." Fair enough – something tells us that nothing less than Mr. Incredible's super strength could coerce more details out of him.

Still, at least we have the awesome new Incredibles 2 logo, plus ones for Toy Story and Finding Dory, for you to feast your eyes on. Check them out below.

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