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5 wonderfully despicable things we know so far about Despicable Me 3


Everyone's favourite slaphead megalomaniac Gru is back for a third helping of world-conquering adventure in next year's Despicable Me 3. Whilst we rejoice at the return of the loveable, bumbling baddie, here's what we know so far about the third movie.

1. Gru is getting a brother!

As confirmed by director Chris Meledandri as this year's CinemaCon, the new story will revolve around the rivalry between Gru and his twin, Drew. Are we going to be seeing competing attempts at world domination? That would be truly hilarious. (We're still backing Gru, though.)

2. Steve Carell doubles down

Not only is the brilliantly funny Anchorman star back as the voice of Gru (well that was inevitable, wasn't it?), he also voices Drew as well. The latter is very similar to his brother in every way except for a mop of blonde hair and white attire.

3. There's a new baddie!

Say hi to Balthazar Bratt in the following image: a former 80s child star who rages at the world. Someone more spoiled and petty than Gru? This will be really fun to see.

4. There's comedy royalty in the cast

Bathazar is voiced by South Park genius Trey Parker – although we imagine the language will be somewhat more family-friendly.

5. It's out next year

Pencil it on your calendars: Despicable Me 3 hits Cineworld screens on 30th June 2017. Already getting excited? Send us your favourite Despicable Me moments @Cineworld.