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5 reasons why Despicable Me 3's Balthazar Bratt is our new favourite baddie


The hilarious first trailer for Despicable Me 3 has blasted online, and there's one character we can't stop talking about. No, we're not talking about Steve Carell's baldy Gru, or indeed Kristen Wiig's Lucy Wilde, both of whom return for the madcap threequel.

No, we mean stuck-in-the-eighties baddie Balthazar Bratt, the new nemesis of world-conquering Gru. Here's why Balthazar is set to become our new favourite supervillain...

He's voiced by a comedy genius

Step forward one half of South Park, Trey Parker, who's sure to bring his dextrous and brilliant vocals to the new Despicable Me foe. We imagine Balthazar will be a tad more family-friendly, though...

He doesn't need gadgets!

Who needs a moon-shrinking ray? In the Despicable Me 3 trailer, we see Balthazar infiltrate a massive vessel with little more than superpowered chewing gum. Lo-fi, but very effective (not to mention seriously funny).

His great taste in music

The character's grand entrance occurs to the sounds of Michael Jackson's seminal 'Bad'. Yep, we like him already, and that leads us onto the next point...

He thinks the eighties are still happening

This year has brought us a whole host of awesome eighties nostalgia on both the small screen (Stranger Things) and the large (Sing Street; Everybody Wants Some!!). Therefore the shoulder pad-wearing, mulleted Balthazar fits right in amidst a year where retro is the new cool.

He's got the moves!

Two words: dance fight. Honestly, we cannot do it justice. Just take a look at Gru and his new enemy going head to head (or should that be, toe to toe?)

Check out the Despicable Me 3 trailer for yourselves and tweet us your thoughts @Cineworld. The movie hits Cineworld on 30th June.