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7 hilarious things you may have missed in the Deadpool 2 trailer


Get those chimichangas and 'Careless Whisper' playlists ready, because we're delving into the hilariously surreal Deadpool 2 trailer to extract some key highlights...

1. Up to eleven

The trailer acts as our first introduction to cyborg mercenary Cable (Josh Brolin). And the fourth wall-breaking gags are in evidence from the start as we see the power of his rifle goes all the way up to 11. Wondering what that means? Well it's a famous gag from classic 1984 mockumentary This is Spinal Tap.

Rob Reiner's movie explores the exploits of a hapless fictional rock band who have a habit of turning their amps up to 'eleven', rather than ten, to give the audience a better time.

Deadpool's a Spinal Tap fan? Just when we thought we couldn't like this guy any more.

2. Not a moustache

In his usual style, an angry Deadpool interrupts the trailer to berate the filmmakers for not CG'ing Cable's bionic arm. He then makes a reference to it "not being a moustache". It's a snarky swipe at recent DC movie Justice League that was obligated to digitally remove star Henry Cavill's moustache, which he'd grown for Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

3. The teddy bear

Cable is seen sporting a stuffed toy – but this might not be a throwaway joke. In fact, it could be a nod to the character's past in the comic books where he is the son of X-Men's Cyclops, taken into the future as a baby after being infected with a virus that leads to his cyborg arm. So, in this instance, Cable's teddy could just be something he's held onto as a reminder of his past.

4. Reach for the sky!

Not just a fan of Spinal Tap, it seems Mr. Pool also enjoys a bit of Pixar's Toy Story. Don't believe us? Just take another look at the moment where he re-enacts the fight between Cable and himself. He quotes cowboy doll Woody with the quote "Reach for the sky" and we even see his name, Wade, pencilled onto the foot of the action figure.

5. Silverado

Western fan? You may recognise the music during the 'cowboy Deadpool' moment as Bruce Broughton's rousing theme from 1985 classic Silverado.

6. Julian Dennison

We've no idea who the Hunt for the Wilderpeople scene-stealer is playing. But the fact he's in the film at all, and flipping two birds to somebody off-screen, is enough to make us happy.

7. Spice up your life

Old Spice aftershave legend Terry Crews makes a surprise appearance in the trailer, standing alongside Deadpool and an assortment of other miscreants. Speculation is now raging as to who he's playing. Screenrant suggests he's G.W. Bridge, member of mercenary group Wild Pack, or the Six Pack, owing to the fact the physical resemblance from the comics is there. Deadpool's comic history is also closely bound up with that of the Wild Pack, so this could be a way of extending the mythology.

Or, you know, Deadpool could just be a fan of Old Spice? We're anticipating another fourth wall break here...

Check out the trailer again and let us know @Cineworld if we've missed anything. Deadpool 2 is released on 18th May.