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This new Deadpool 2 teaser is all kinds of awesome


Deadpool ain't the only Merc on the block when his long-awaited sequel arrives next year.

As tweeted by star Ryan Reynolds, here's a new image teasing the introduction of Domino, played by actress Zazie Beetz and who acts as Mr. Pool's foil in the new movie.

Top marks for assertiveness and self-referentiality: Domino is clearly not messing around when it comes to using Deadpool as a human rug, or gatecrashing his own poster campaign for the first movie.

Beetz is best known for appearing in American network hit Atlanta opposite Donald Glover (soon to play Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Han Solo film).

A member of the X-Force mutant team (itself a revamp of the New Mutants ensemble, soon to be the subject of a new movie), Domino first appeared in 1992.

She possesses top marksmanship and fighting skills but, most significantly she's the love interest of Cable, another key player in the Deadpool sequel. He's being played by Josh Brolin whose fingers are extending into a lot of superhero pies at the moment: he will soon be seen as baddie Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.

No trailer for Deadpool 2 yet but with the release date set for 1st June 2018, expect to see a teaser before long.